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Glacier Ridge Elementary School | September 17, 2021

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Principal's Message

Math is Like Reading a Map

As many parents have become well aware, math is different than when we learned it as children. We were taught procedures and steps for computation and math problem completion. Now our focus is on understanding about numbers and how to manipulate them. We call that number sense. For example, when we learned addition, we would carry the one into the ten’s place in order to regroup. Why do we do that? Because someone told us that is what we are supposed to do. Now, students learn to break apart numbers and understand that the one is really a group of ten and we can’t have more than one digit in the ones place. We do teach students the computational steps, but it is after they have the foundation in number sense.

Math now is like reading a map. If you think of the steps of computation to complete a math problem like a written set of directions, most people can follow the written step by step directions to get to a location. However, if one of those directions is wrong, there is a mistake, or if they aren’t understood, then getting to the destination is nearly impossible. If all you rely on is written directions to get to a location, then without an understanding of the location, you have no other tools to get there.

Therefore, we teach math like reading a map. We want students to understand how to read a map, in addition to being able to follow steps. If students can understand when and why a direction says to turn left they can be more confident that they will get to their destination.

See the first grade math problem below. This is a rigorous problem that requires a lot of understanding about math and what the problem is asking. It goes well beyond computation. If you were to really give this problem as a computation is would be something like this: x(1 + 2) = 9. Solve for x. What? First graders are doing algebra? So, at the surface when you see your child break apart numbers and take multiple steps that may seem inefficient, they are actually understanding the problem better. You can see in the picture that the student represented their thinking in multiple ways. Drawing and using manipulatives helps the student make connections to represent the mathematical problem.

Ask your child this math problem and watch how they tackle it:

I see some tiger moms. Each mom has 2 cubs. There are 9 tigers altogether. How many moms are there?


Pete Kurty, Ed. D


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Tiger Trot is a Roaring Success!

A huge Thank You to the PTO for an amazing, reimagined Tiger Trot. The Tiger Trot Fundraiser replaced our annual membership drive and mum sale, reducing the number of fundraisers this year. Thanks to the generous donations of our GRE families we raised over $15,000! As special thanks to Tamara Zwick, Hilary Brooks, and Ning Kalmar, the Tiger Trot coordinators that spent months reinventing the Tiger Trot purpose and activities. Thanks also to Andrea Denman who created the decorations and Anitha Bapna who coordinated the popsicles. Lastly, thank you to the volunteers who helped facilitate the activities today.

In continuation of our support for tiger conservation, a portion of the funds will be donated to the Columbus Zoo. As a result, the students will get to enjoy an animal encounter right here at school in October through our zoo partnership.

Our goals were certainly accomplished in this year's new Tiger Trot: building classroom community, tiger conservation, and PTO fundraiser. Thanks to the PTO, we were able to purchase a Start with hello > Find a connection > Create a friendship shirt to signify our unity as a school community! Thanks for a successful event!

Lunch Distancing

As you saw in last week’s newsletter, we were addressing lunch spacing to try to distance students 6 feet apart. This is to address the need to quarantine/exclude students from school when they are a close contact with a COVID positive student.

Starting Monday, students will sit 6 feet apart in the lunchroom. However, we are using almost every inch of space in order to do so. You will notice that there are individual desks, which at first glance, appear to be isolating. However, classroom teachers grouped students near positive peers. Furthermore, all students are 6 feet apart, whether they are at a table or a desk. If needed, we may adjust seating so that students continue to have a positive lunch experience. However, the primary concern is to keep students physically distanced from one another so they can remain in school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Changing of the Guard

Thank you to Dave Lakin who safely helped our students cross to and from school for the past two plus years. Please welcome a familiar face, former GRE parent Karrie Zamora, who will be our new crossing guard starting Monday.

Thank You PTO Beautification Committee

Students noticed a new change to the front entrance of the school this week. Our PTO beautification committee will be adding festive flowers and decor for the seasons. Thank you for providing a vibrant and festive new look. As the students noticed, “Even the flowers are green and purple!”
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Fall Picture Day is Wednesday, September 22

Fall individual picture day is next week: September 22nd.

You can preorder beforehand by going to the HR Imaging website Or you can send payment (cash or check payable to HRImaging) to school with your child in the HRimaging flier envelope. Fliers were sent home with your child this week.

Family Conferences are Coming - Virtually

For the purpose of health/safety as well as family convenience, conferences will be virtual again this year. The official conference evenings will be October 13th & 21st. Cramming all conferences into a two evening window can often make them feel rushed. Therefore, in addition to those dedicated two evenings, we will have a month and a half long window of time for each family to have a conference with the teacher. Teachers will reach out to families to schedule a conference time to be scheduled between October 4th through November 23rd.

During conferences, your child’s teacher will address three main criteria:

  1. What I know about your child as a learner and a person

  2. Evidence of ways I’ve gotten to know your child (formal and informal data)

  3. Next instructional steps for instruction

If you have specific questions about your child that you want the teacher to prepare for and address within the allotted time, please reach out to let them know.

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Upcoming Events

Sept 15 - Dublin Family Night

Sept 16 - Hawaiian Ice Truck at GRE parking lot from 5-7pm

Sept 17 - Tiger Trot

Sept 22 - Fall Picture Day

Oct 1 - PTO Fall Festival at Leed’s Farm

Oct 4 - Zoo Celebration for Students

Oct 11 - PTO Cookie Dough Sale Begins

Oct 13 - Family Conference Night and Principal Q & A @ 5pm

Oct 15 - No School - Staff Professional Day

Oct 18 - Yearbook Cover Art Contest Begins

Oct 21 - Family Conference Night

Oct 25 - PTO Cookie Dough Sale Ends

Oct 26 - Operation Kids for Troops Collection Begins

Oct 27 - Picture Day Make-Up

Oct 29 - Yearbook Cover Art Contest Ends

Oct 29 - Harvest Parties (more details to follow)

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District News

COVID-19 Data

The latest COVID-19 data for Dublin City Schools is posted at this link.

Social-Emotional Learning and Dublin City Schools

Student well-being is one of the District’s top priorities.

In the coming weeks (Sept. 27-Oct. 6), we plan to administer a social-emotional learning (SEL) questionnaire to students in grades 3-12. SEL describes the mindsets, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career and life, such as growth mindset, self-efficacy and sense of belonging. These results will help us better understand ways we can support students' social and emotional needs. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.

We want your feedback!

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us using our new tool called ThoughtExchange. If you already provided us with thoughts, you can return to rate the thoughts of others! Click here to participate.

Flu shots available

Again this school year, Dublin City Schools is providing students in grades K-12 with the opportunity to receive flu shots at their school. You can find the schedule and the permission form here.

Please fill out sections two through 10 on the form and the insurance information on the reverse side, and return it to your school clinic by Sept. 22.

The Dublin City Schools Zone Podcast - New episodes available every Monday

Join Supt. Dr. Marschhausen and his guests by downloading the DCS School Zone podcasts throughout the school year. In our newest episode, Dr. Marschhausen talks with PERC President Carrie Buss.

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