Digital Citizenship Project

Emily W. P.2

Top 7 Digital Citizenship Rules

  1. Be Respectful:You never know what that person is going through
  2. Keep private information private
  3. Don't accept live chats or friend request from people you don't know
  4. Clear everything with your parents before you do anything
  5. Never share passwords with anyone but your parents to prevent impersonation
  6. If you didn't write it it is not yours to use
  7. Do not "copy and paste" something that is not yours or you have not been given permission

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is how you go about yourself on the internet, you could say it is your "attitude". A few reasons that want your digital citizenship to stay positive are as the following.... If your not careful you could end up hurting someone to the point of self physical abuse. Once you post something on the internet you can never take it back, even if you delete the post...there are screenshots,hard copy's etc. These things make you want to keep your digital citizenship positive.

A few things to remember