Blood Diamonds

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During the late 1990's is when the world took a realization of the problem of blood diamonds. This was because 4% of the world’s diamonds were coming illegally from these African countries. Today there are still diamonds coming illegally, but the amount has been lowered to less than 1%.

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Cause if the conflict

The cause of the blood diamonds is people over seas look for the cheapest way to get diamonds so they can sell them at a high price and make a huge profit. Most of the companies that are part of the problem are unaware of the unhuman and violent conditions the people have to mine the diamond in.
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Countries involved

There are seven main counties that are involved in the blood diamond conflict. Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, The Republic of Congo, Corte d'lvoire, The Central African Republic, and The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Statistical Information

Main Information about Diamonds

Percent of total world diamond production that are conflict diamonds 4 %

Peak percent of total world diamond production that were conflict diamonds 15 % (1990)

Annual value of conflict diamonds smuggled in from the Ivory Coast $23 Million

Percent of Sierra Leone’s diamond production that are conflict diamonds 15 %

Total number of deaths attributed to conflict diamond mining 3 Million

Average daily pay for a conflict diamond worker $0.07

Percent of The Republic of Congo’s diamonds that have unknown origins 40 %

Countries with the Highest Production of Conflict DiamondsPercent of World Production

Angola 2.1 %

Sierra Leone 1 %

Democratic Republic of Congo 0.5 %

Diamond Store Statistics

In 2004, Amnesty International and Global Witness conducted a survey of 246 diamond retailers in 50 cities across 18 states. The following is an excerpt of their report:

Percent of stores that were able to assure that they had a policy on conflict diamonds 27 %

Percent of store that were able to furnish a hard copy of their diamond policy 31 %

Percent of stores that were aware of the Kimberly Process 28 %

Percent of stores when asked if customers inquire about conflict diamonds responded rarely or never 83 %

Number of stores that refused outright to take the survey 110

The Kimberly Process

In 2003 a cause known as the Kimberly process has been trying to stop the trafficking of blood diamonds all over Africa peacefully. Since then the Kimberly process has gotten rid of hundreds of diamond mines all over Africa.
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What still needs to be done

Even tho the Kimberly process has successively eliminated many of the diamond mining camps in Africa, there are still millions of dollars worth of diamonds being transported out of the countries illegally and sold every day. So people are encouraged to donate and help the cause to stop the blood diamonds.
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The Plan

The plan to address the problem of blood diamond is to spread the word of what is happening in the countries in Africa. Also you can donate of the cause to the cause of stopping the selling and trading of illegal diamonds at
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