Andrew Jackson

By: Kynzie Delcore- 2nd period

The Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed during Andrew Jackson's presidency. Since the South depended on agriculture, they were NOT happy. Because of this, the South threatened to nullify this tariff (Was a tax on imports). However, Andrew Jackson passed the Force Bill. South Carolina HAD to pay the taxes now. Jackson almost sent an army to them for disagreeing with the tariff, but they made an agreement to pay the taxes if Congress had them lowered.

The Spoils System

A political party, after winning the election, is allowed to give government jobs to friends, supporters, and relatives for working towards victory. Because of this there were uneducated people helping run the government. But, more people would try to get jobs from the government because they could without education, so more people would help and vote for the president.

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson signed a bill that said they would trade Native American's land in Georgia with less desirable land west of Mississippi. In the Worcester Georgia Supreme Court ruling, the Supreme Court said that the land belonged to the Native Americans. Jackson signed the bill and removed them anyways.

Political Cartoon

After his veto of the bank of the United States bill, some people accused Andrew Jackson for abusing his presidential powers. This Shows him as a king, trampling on the constitution.

Letter from a Cherokee.

The Indian Removal Act is cruel, we had this land first and it has been our home for many years. They think this is an exchange, we have not agreed and it's not a fair trade. We have everything we need here, and they are trying to move us to a place with nothing but grass. Andrew Jackson is taking us away from OUR land, not only that, but he ignored Supreme Court and is removing us anyways

Letter from a democrat

Andrew Jackson is an AMAZING president, I even got a job for just voting for him and helping him. Not only do I have a job now to support me and my family, but Andrew Jackson is a democrat and his views for this country is outstanding! I was a poor man before this, it was very hard to take care of the people I love. But thanks to him, now I can.