"Tech Times" Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 5 (January 2015)

5 Education Tech Trends For 2015

Education is constantly changing especially in the area of Educational Technology. According to Information Week, there are 5 trends that are outstanding opportunities for us to utilize with our students.

  • Flipped learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Personalized Blended Learning
  • Device Agnostic Learning
  • Assistive Technologies

These tools have already begun making a huge impact in classrooms across the country. Click here to read more about each educational technology trend and how you can use them in your classroom!

"Web 2.0 Tool of the Month" - Verso

One of the biggest educational technology trends is Flipping the Classroom. In the past, I have talked about a variety of different ways to flip your classroom through Schoology, Educanon, Edupuzzle, and a few others. There is a new app out that simplifies the process called Verso.

With Verso, it allows you to record video/audio straight from your device, add YouTube videos, etc. to create a simple video. Then it allows your students to respond and comment on what they have just learned through questioning. It is a very easy tool to use that is available on all iTunes and Android capable devices.

Get started with Verso by clicking here and check out the video clip below to find out how easy it is to use!

Verso - Now every teacher can flip!

Quick Technology Tip!!

Within Schoology, a discussion is not limited to a specific class. You are able to open a discussion to have 2 different sections of your class interact on the same discussion or share the same discussion with another teacher's students.

A shared discussion is a great way to get students collaborating about a specific topic, perform persuasive writing, practice debates, or a wide variety of other writing. In order to share a discussion, please click on the highlighted icon (see picture below) and simply add the class you will be sharing it with.

The only thing the other teacher has to do is retrieve the shared ID that it automatically created for you. Please let me know if you would like any assistance with this!

Big image
Contact me if you need any help, would like me to be involved in any projects/activities you have coming up, if you want assistance incorporating some of these new tools into your lessons, or if you just want to meet with me. Just let me know!