Super Strong Sparta

By: Dian Alimi and Jocelyn Juba

Sparta Introduction

Sparta is the best because of their fierce army that protects their city-state. They are trained from a young age to fight in the army. They are taught to die for Sparta. Even the women are taught to fight. They don’t learn basic things like science and history they learn how to defend. Babies have to be born healthy to live. If they were not healthy they would be left alone for animals to eat them. Sparta was the most important city-state of Ancient Greece because of their strict education, powerful government, and helpful strength.
Alimi and Juba

Sparta Conclusion

Sparta had the best government, education, and armies in all of Greece. They were always ready to fight. Their life was rough and tiring, but it all payed off when they won a war. People died often though because of the strict rules. More people died when training than in actual wars. Kids had to be healthy or they would be killed and eaten by animals. Children in Sparta did not learn things that we learn today they only learn fighting skills. Spartans train hard and are strict so they can have the best army. Spartans have great strength and are always ready to fight.