Summer Update



I don't normally provide updates over the summer, this year I will. These bi-weekly updates will not only provide you with information, but will also provide you with voluntary opportunities to provide feedback, participate in planning, and check-in with members of the administrative team. Thank you in advance for your participation in these efforts. If you have any questions related to the information I am providing, feel free to reach out.

If ever you need to access previous important information emails, please click here. This link will take you to a Google Doc that contains previous weeks' information. Enjoy your day.

Shout outs!

From Sirovy:

  • Shout out to all of the custodial staff at North View who help Katy and I out with our weekly Summer Book Club, keep our school in excellent shape, and do it all with a smile. We are fortunate to have the best custodial staff in the district!



Schoology Course Standardization:

In an effort to support students and families in the digital learning environment, I asked Marie Lundt to mock-up Schoology course options that have the potential for implementation across all NVMS Schoology classrooms. As a result of the feedback provided here, we will move forward with the hybrid option found here. The hybrid option:

  • Works in tandem with your calendar, making it easier for your students and their families to navigate materials, due dates, etc. with limited adjustment over time.
  • Is an excellent way to keep courses organized, while making it extremely easy for students to know exactly what they’re learning at a glance every time they log in.
  • Students and families can always go back into the “archives” to revisit older lessons or explore new ones if necessary and advanced students can access future lessons.

Support will be provided to all licensed staff during workshop week to ensure that everyone has what they need to successfully implement this format. We are also in the process of determining supports for non-licensed staff, students, and parents to support their ability to navigate this format.

Fall Scenario Planning Update:

In an attempt to provide you with an update on the planning work being done for the opening of school this fall, I have included status updates to the Fall Planning Consideration spreadsheet we worked together on this spring. Within each cell of the status update column, I have added what phase of planning the items is in. The phases are: completed, in-progress, or not started. There may also be comments included in the cells as well. If you ever have any questions about the information included in this spreadsheet, please let me know and I will assist.

Summer Check-Ins:

If you have a need or desire to check in with Mr. Berg, Ms. Dale, or me, please free to do so. Our weekly check-in availability and GoogleMeets information is outlined below.

Please connect with the individual needed if there is a necessity to connect outside of these time frames. Please note that we will be on vacation during the time frames indicated below.

  • Mr. Berg: 7/9-7/20
  • Ms. Bledsoe: Out of the office on Thursdays and Fridays between 7/2 and 8/21.
  • Ms. Dale: 6/29-7/17

Open Positions:

Outlined below are the positions we posted during the staffing process and their current status.

  • 0.5 EL: Filled by Morgan Ammermann
  • 0.417 FACs: Filled by Vena Jones
  • 0.67 DAPE: Filled by Monica Getchell
  • 0.584 Tech ED*: Open
  • 0.417 Resource: Filled by Brenda Burdick-LeVang

*Note: MDE allows any licensed teacher to teach this course because of the shortage of CTE teachers.

District Level Communications:

The resources found here have been compiled for Osseo Area Schools employees regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. An HR-related COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions document will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

Feedback Please

Lesson Planning Template

The template found here was created to support staff with lesson planning in a distance learning environment. Take a look at it and tell us what you think by responding to the two-question survey found here. This two-question feedback opportunity is open to all staff and will remain open until August 14th.

Virtual Conferences:

The purpose of this is form is to collect feedback from staff to improve our school community's virtual conference experience. One item to note is that this is not an anonymous survey, and the form will collect email addresses. I have chosen to collect email addresses in case there is a need to follow up on an idea. This one question feedback opportunity is open to all staff and will remain open until August 14th. Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide feedback.

Resources For Staff


Click here to be taken to a collection of resources compiled by Emily Bollinger, my administrative intern, that you may be interested in. If you have any questions about the resources, you can connect with her here.

Important Links

You can manually add the links below to your desktop. If you do not how to do manually add these links to your desktop, please watch the video found here.

Pacific Interpreters

  • Interpreting services information can be found here.

If you have questions about:

Flocabulary Login Link

Click here to access the district Flocabulary account.

BrainPop Password:

The BrainPop user id and password are below and case sensitive.

  • PW: knights7

Google Nods

If you haven’t already done so you might want to add Google Nod to your list of Chromebook extensions. It provides quick emoji reactions for muted team members during virtual meetings. It is also very helpful to the facilitator because it allows us to gauge real-time feedback as were are speaking. This is just a suggestion, not a requirement.

Professional Development Articles for Staff

If you would like to use this time for professional development consider visit the site found here using the log included below. This site is filled with a variety of information on a wide variety of topics that impact educators.

Virtual Reppin’ Knight Pride Certificates

The form found here has been created to provide you with an opportunity to positively acknowledge our students who are showing Knight Pride in this distance learning environment. Students who are acknowledged by staff will be sent a certificate, a sweet treat, and will receive a positive phone call home to share this acknowledgment with their family members. Please consider nominating a student next week.

PBIS Distance Learning Incentives

Looking for a way to positively recognize your students during distance learning? If so click here for more than seventy-five incentive ideas.

COVID-19 Resources

I am worried about COVID-19. What resources are available to me?

Here are some of the specific resources included in the HR FAQ (the most updated FAQ is posted on my279).

Our Commitments:

We, the staff at North View Middle School, commit to…

  • Providing challenging academic opportunities that are relevant, engaging, culturally responsive, and rigorous.
  • Providing a meaningful, encouraging and safe environment that fosters the whole child, and focuses on student strengths.
  • Including data driven best practices and instruction that meets the academic and individual needs of our students, improves student achievement, and promotes growth.
  • Engaging in continued professional development to ensure that we are aware of our students’ racial perspectives, challenge our biases, and include practices that serve our diverse student population.
  • Providing effective collaborative partnerships with the entire school community by ensuring that we encourage multiple opportunities for involvement, communication, and access.
  • Modeling and implementing daily engaging multi-level reading and writing strategies within our classrooms.
  • Accepting responsibility for each student’s success and celebrate that success with our school community.

Our Mission!

Committed to furthering the lives of each student by using the best practices available.

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