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What SLOW can teach you

We all yearn to belong and be heard. When we're so caught up in our tremendously busy lives and stress filled hearts-- we make mistakes, miss opportunities and create messes in life, at work, in our relationships, and in our bodies. It's profound, if and when we're willing to slow down to explore.

You are invited to walk in nature with Annelies to soothe your soul, open your heart and connect to what matters. Walk solo with her or bring your friends, family or co-workers. Think of it as an immersion in creativity and imagination. Along the way, she'll share what she knows about mushroom foraging, tree identification, bird calls and local lore.

As an artist, she'll inspire you to see things differently. As a coach, she'll encourage you to do something with your new insight.

In an increasingly disconnected world, it’s important to find creative ways to reconnect to ourselves and one another, especially when facing change. It’s all about the process! When we explore the wholeness of life through a creative lens, solving fundamental problems is not just easier, it's blissfully refreshing!

If you slow down just long enough to gain presence and perspective- an entirely new outlook on life and problem-solving emerges. How do you slow down? JOIN US.

  • Please dress accordingly for weather, terrain and length of walk.
  • Bring water and snacks as needed.
  • Contact Annelies to schedule your walk of choice. Click below to purchase. Thank you! :)

90 minutes . 3 hours . Full day Immersion

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