2nd Grade Happenings

Mrs. Poppe

May 19

Greetings Families,

The last week of 2nd grade is here. What a beautiful blessing this year with your children has been! Please return any library books or lunch money this week. Thanks.

Yesterday, your child should have brought home a bar graph with data on their Reading Level progress over the past year. Each and every student has grown, and I conferenced with all of your children, showing them their progress and letting them know how proud I am of all of their hard work. I encouraged the students to continue to read over the summer - the public library is a great resource! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what your child's level means or their growth over the past year.

Next Thursday is our last day. Please join us for Mass at 8:15 if you are able. Dismissal is 10:00 on that day.

Have a blessed weekend,

Mrs. Poppe


May 25th: Last Day of School 10:00 Dismissal

Spelling List

**If students get all the words correct on their pre-test on Monday, they will bring home a challenge spelling list. This allows students to stretch their spelling further.*