Simon Birch

By Trevor Prelesnik


Don't judge someone by their looks, they are meant for something special. I think this is the message trying to be conveyed by this film because the who film has the element of making fun of Simon throughout it. There's even parts where people call Simon a monster because of his deformity. The only parts without that element are when he works with the kids at the Christmas pageant, and when he's saving the kids from the sinking bus. Simon himself says "Did you hear how those kids listen to me, because of how I look" (Simon Birch).


Simon is very confident in himself (sometimes a little too much[impulsive]) and is very understanding. He doesn't only believe that God has a plan for him, he knows that God has a plan for him, and he won't let people get in the way of that. He also demonstrates this at the mass when he speaks out against treats with the priest because it doesn't have anything to do with what mass should be. Even though he is made fun of, put down, and has some weak spots in his personality, Simon treads on, ready for anything.

Big events

Speaking out at Mass

I went to mass with Joe's family again this Sunday, this time Joe's mom brought with the man she met the day before. When the priest welcomed him though, he invited him to have a doughnut and a coffee with him afterwards. I don't know what it was, but something inside me snapped. "What do doughnuts have to do with church?" I blurted to myself. The priest heard me though, and I was brought to a room in the back of the church to be disciplined by being sat in a corner, and tortured verbally by the Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Levee. I wasn't going to apologize for my belief though.

The Death of Joe's Mother

Today the baseball team Joe and I play for had a game. Halfway through though, it looked like we were losing. Suddenly coach put me up to bat though. Not only that, but he also told me to swing as well! This was going to be great! The first few pitches I picked out as balls, but then, my moment came. The pitch was perfect. Everything went into slow motion as I hit that ball as hard as I could. I watched it climb up in the sky, I saw the awed faces of the audience. I noticed the ump mouth something, but I couldn't hear it. How could I hear? I was way too excited! Then it happened. I saw Joe's mom, graceful as ever, walking like an angel down the sidewalk. She was smiling and waving, but then the baseball, my baseball, nailed her in the temple. Shortly after, a man pronounced her dead. It was the worst day of my life.

Saving Kids from a Sinking Bus

We were headed back from the retreat when the bus suddenly swerved off the road and into a nearby lake. Reverend Russel was knocked out by the impact, and the bus driver fled the bus, while everyone started to panic. I don't know what got into me, but I took charge and set up a system to get all of the kids out of the bus. Once all the kids were evacuated, the bus slipped farther from the shore. I knew the kids would listen to me. I noticed that we forgot someone, the kid I promised nothing would happen to. I quickly went into action, freeing his foot from where it was stuck, and lifting him out a bus window to safety. Then, the bus sank, and I fell unconscious.

Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)



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