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Coach Wiginton

Spring break is upon us!! For starters, I hope all of you have a blessed and relaxing spring break. This is a time of year where every athlete in our program is being pulled a million different directions, and there is literally a Heritage activity almost every night of the week. We refer to this as the GRIND. Our athletes not only embrace the GRIND, but they thrive during this time. Tough football teams aren't made by seeing how hard you can hit someone or how you respond to a hard hit. Tough teams ARE made by continually putting the team and individual athletes in adverse situations and teaching them how to respond properly. We just finished up boot camp a few weeks ago, and that is really all boot camp is about. This is another time of year we get to focus on this mental toughness. In addition to the GRIND, we are spending this week maxing to see the progress our athletes are making in terms of strength and conditioning. Our athletes have done an outstanding job maxing and it is fun to see the look in their eyes when they reach, and sometimes shatter, goals that they set for this Max Day. In summary, our 2019 football team is continually growing, evolving, taking on it's own identity and personality. I am thrilled with the progress these athletes are making. I love everything about working here and having the opportunity to invest in the lives of these young people each and every day. I am so thankful to be working with a coaching staff who truly cares about the well-being of our athletes and continually pushes and challenges them to improve as men and as athletes. The season will be here before we know it. As for me, I'm in no hurry. I love this time of year. LET'S GO JAGS!! #DLT

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Khan Academey Test Prep

We have been devoting time this spring to SAT Prep using the Khan Academy. Students are able to practice the Math, Reading & Writing skills needed to score well on the test. Our players can also take a full length practice test as well in order to get a feel for the length of the test and the type of material included on the SAT. Time spent on the Khan Academy SAT Prep can be monitored by coaches so we can help motivate our players to invest the extra prep time to improve their chances of success.

All Ellis County Team

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