Carla M. p.7

That night is like a haunted house. haunted houses are just one tradition of the holiday Halloween. Halloween has an interesting history behind it.

Years a go their were this people called Celts. The Celts decided that octuber 31 the night before winter starts should be all about the "lord of darkness". They called it that because its was celebrated at night and also because the winter is darker and scary. The Celts also called it the "lord of death". They called it that because it was also close to the day of the dead.

People think about other holidays ,but not Halloween. People just think about costumes and candy. People dont think why they dress up ,why do we get candy. Kids dont think about that either. The reality is that halloweenhas a history behind it and you should hear it.

People dress up like something scary, funny ,and characters. Have you ever wonderd why. In the old days the celts belived that going around dressed up like other people made the people in the house think that it was the dead people passing their house. Why do we get candy? People belived that if they left food in their door steps that their love ones that had passed away would eat them. That's why the celts would go and get food.

Most of the population in the world celebrate Halloween. Their is also a population that does not celebrate Halloween. one is Jews. Jews don't like it because Christians like it. The second one is Christians .Some Christians do not like to celebrate Halloween because is celebrated for the "lord of darkness". The last one is a specific catholic church that does not celebrate Halloween.

Candy ,treats ,bake goods ,and party's is all what makes Halloween fun. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Halloween is so fun because you get to yang out with friends ,go to party ,and go trick or treating. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I think Halloween is a very interesting holiday. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of all times. Halloween actually makes me think about the history that has happened through out the years. Halloween is a great place for all of us to yang out with family and friends.


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