Visit the Volcanoes!!!

By: Emily Strauss

Come to the Composite!

If you are the type of traveler that is always on the go and ready for anything, then you should definitely consider taking a trip to a composite volcano! Your risky and adventurous side will kick in because you can see all of the crazy eruptions! If you end up visiting Mount Pelee, stop by the inward curved steam hot tub at the peak of the volcano! You might even be able to get a glimpse of the layers of ash, cinders, and rocks. There is also a worldwide tour of composite volcanoes that is called Lava Layers. You can literally see the long lava flows! Afterwards, the tour provides a Composite Combo lunch. This includes apple ashes, cinder sandwiches and to top it off, lava lemon drops! Plan your trip today! See you at the next big eruption!

Relax at the Shield!

For all of you relaxed vacationers, the shield volcano is the place for you! At any shield volcano, you can expect to attend spas with oozing lava and soothing swims in the warm vents of the volcanoes. Also, experience the world's best magma massage! There is no pressure or concerns on anyone because there are no major eruptions at the resting resorts. I ensure you that you are guaranteed the chance to relax, eat comfort food, rest up, and do anything you really desire. I recommend a delicious snack called the Hardened Hot Fudge Sundaes! You can purchase these at all of the Shield Shacks. Shield Volcanoes are also a place where you can enjoy the lava anywhere because it spreads out in all directions. Start vacationing and come to relax at the Shield Volcano closest to you!

Site See at the Cinder Cone!

Attention! All tourists and travelers that love seeing natural landmarks work their magic, should come site see at a Cinder Cone Volcano! Take the traditional Cinder Site tour where you can see cinders, ashes, and lava shoot up into the air. You can also go on breath-taking hikes along the steep sides of the volcano. I know after a long day of busy sightseeing, you want to come home to a comfortable place. Well, the cool and hardened Rock Regency is right up your alley! This hotel offers wonderful ice cream in a cinder cone as as well yummy meals at the Cinder Cone Cafe! Don't wait another second, and visit the Cinder Cone Volcano!


* California Earth Science 6th Grade Textbook