Chisholm Ridge Wranglers Weekly

November 27- December 1

CRES Mission Statement

Wrangler pride is working together to reach our goals in learning and life.

Life Principle of the Week: Courtesy

Compassion- considerate and mannerly behavior

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” ---Saint Basil

This Week at The Ridge

Monday: Regular Schedule. Wear your college shirt with jeans. No Staff Meeting!

Tuesday: No PLC meetings today. Please use this time to catch up and complete survey! Employee Survey window opens today-- your voice counts! Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts-- check clutter if you do not receive email.

Wednesday: Regular Schedule. District Math Walk-throughs on campus.

Thursday: Regular Schedule. Kisha Hill's Baby Shower @ 3:00.

Friday: Wrangler Round-Up, please send representative to set up gym by 7:00.

Camp El Tesoro is El Terrific!

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Elementary Grading & Reporting Handbook Update

Page 27

E. District/Curriculum Common Assessments (DCA) These are summative assessments developed by District Curriculum Teams to measure student mastery of the taught learning standards (TEKS) during each grading period. A grade is taken on these assessments. DCA’s fall under the Reteach/Redo provisions. DCA’s should be modified according to a student’s IEP as determined by an ARD committee. Parents may view the District/Curriculum Common Assessments at their child’s school upon request. These assessments need to remain on campus to measure progress on an annual basis in a valid manner. The assessment and data should be reviewed with the student at completion of the scoring process.

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Teacher To Do List:

  1. Check your Shut-Down List before leaving today! EVERYTHING must be unplugged!
  2. Enjoy some rest and relaxation this next week!
  3. Come back on November 27 ready for some rigor and relevance!

Upcoming Events

Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Holidays

November 29: District Math visits

November 30: Kisha Hill's baby(s) shower

Dec. 2: HOA/PTA Santa Event at LIndstrom Pool

Dec. 4-5: Instructional Rounds, Debrief during PLC

Dec. 6: CRES to host Learning Walks for Assistant Principals

Dec. 8: End of 2nd Three Weeks for 2nd Nine Weeks

Dec. 12: Progress Reports Sent Home, No PLC meetings today.

Dec. 13: Preliminary Spelling Bee, District Holiday Open House

Dec. 15: Early Dismissal, Staff Luncheon

Jan. 1- Holiday

Jan. 2- Campus PD- Lead4Ward- location TBD

Jan. 12- Campus Spelling Bee/ Early Dismissal

Jan. 15- MLK Day- NO School.

Shout Outs!

  • Shout out to 4th grade team for being supportive and keeping a sense of humor this week! - Carroll
  • Shout out to April and Ashley for their efforts to organize camp for 5th grade.

    Shout out to Mallory for choosing to teach a home bound student.

    Shout out to Stacey and Kisha for being a great support to 5th grade math teachers.

    Shout out to Donna Hahler for her talents with special needs students.- Coy

  • Shout out to Natasha for helping first grade when so many of our team was out! -Beutel

  • Thank you, Sandra, for filling in for Coach Allan today when the substitute didn't make it in. I appreaciate you stepping up, and offering to help.- Coach Rogers

  • The second grade team for taking my kids during my absence and checking on me :) blesses to have these girls in my life. -Kurtzhals

  • Shout out to Ms. Caruthers and Ms. Colbourn for organizing all the details for camp. It was a seamless trip! -Duckworth

  • Thank you Vanessa, Niesha, Elyssa, Brandy, and Rosa for holding down The Ridge so I can step away and go to camp and all my meetings and not worry about a thing! -Cook

November Birthdays

11/1- Laura Musgrove

11/5- Michelle Gaytan

11/14- Melody Duckworth