Early Childhood News

February 10th, 2019

Here's to a four day week!!

I hope you are all staying warm and safe today! We all have our fingers crossed for four days of school this week. We miss our students!! Friday is a district PD day. Our teachers will be looking at data and researching new curriculum possibilities!

We have a PTO meeting up this Tuesday - hope to see you there!! We also have our rescheduled Movie Night on February 21st, which is always a fun time.

Have a great night and I hope to see you all tomorrow!



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Things to Remember..

Monday, February 25th: Screening day (rescheduled)

Monday, March 4th: Screening Day (for future prek students)

Monday, March 11th :Screening Day (rescheduled)

Wednesday, March 13th: Spring Portraits

Monday, March 18th: Screening Day (for future prek students)


*Drills will continue weekly throughout the year, practicing each one once a month

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About FECC

FECC is the early childhood building for Fulton Public Schools. In our building, we have two Title 1 Preschool Classes, 3 Early Childhood Special Education Classes, FEC Preschool, and Parents as Teachers. We also have a daycare center for teen parents who attend FPS, and FPS staff members. Jen Meyerhoff is the director. Please call with any questions!