Kyleigh Z. Adams

^^ heyy it's me ^^

Where I'm originally from

I'm originally Colorado Springs, Colorado I lived not even 5 minutes way from the mountains. I was born in Memorial Hospital.


Most of the time you'll catch me either reading or drawing. I love to read and i read many kinds of genres like fantasy, historical fiction, and horror. I normally just draw random doodles or feathers on papers but sometimes I draw completely random things. My favorite book would have to be Eragon.


My mom was born in Jersey City along with my three aunts. My two out of three of my uncles were born in Massachusetts and one of them was born in North Carolina. On the other hand I don't know anything about my fathers family.


My friends are like family I know I can trust them with my life if I had to. I trust some of them more than I trust some of my family.
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