Doby's Bridge Elementary News

November 5, 2020

Principal's Message

Good Afternoon Doby's Bridge Families,

I hope that you are able to enjoy the beautiful weather expected this weekend! Throughout the month of November, as parent conferences are held, it is my hope that your child’s teacher is relaying the message of how important home-school relations are. It is also my hope that you continue to express gratitude for the hard work our teachers are doing both in-person and virtually to help our students learn. Ongoing research shows that having positive home-school relations can impact a student’s general academic and social well-being. Please know we are here to work with you!

In this week's newsletter you'll find information regarding:

  • Related Arts News
  • September and October Staff of the Month
  • PTO news- Including new Spirit Wear & Book fair information

As always, if I can be of any assistance to you or if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Building the Bridge Together,

Amanda Kubbs


What's Happening in the ARTS?

ART- Mrs. Orlick

5th Grade-Our 5th grade students are currently learning about the history of the “selfie”. The original “selfie” was, of course, the self-portrait. Students have completed their self-portraits on acetate film. Now they are in the process of painting a background of where they would most like to be in their “selfie”.

4th Grade-Our 4th grade students are wrapping up their lesson on Gothic Architecture. Students are almost finished creating their own Rose Window Radial Design.

3rd Grade-Our 3rd grade students are learning about Proportion and the artist Frida Kahlo, who was famous for her self-portraits. Students are creating their own self-portraits using the mathematical concepts artists use when drawing the human face. This lesson is still in progress.

2nd Grade -Our 2nd grade students just completed their “Tree of Life” painting, inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt.

1st Grade-Our 1st grade students have completed their Piet Mondrian inspired animals. Students used Mondrian’s favorite directional lines and primary colors for their designs.

Kindergarten-Our kindergarten students completed their Tree Line Drawings using the warm colors for fall leaves.

Guidance- Mrs. Seborowski

During the month of November, classroom lessons will focus on empowering students and practicing personal safety. Students will discuss boundaries, personal space, and their safety network. Students will also talk about what it means to be brave and speak up for oneself.

MEDIA- Mrs. Nestvogel

  • Please, please look around your house for any library books that may have come home before we closed for Covid and have not been returned. You can return them to any library in the district and librarians will get them to the correct school! Thanks so much for your help!

  • Save the date for November 9 - November 23! Our wonderful PTO is sponsoring an online Book Fair and we can’t wait!

  • In November, our K and 1 students will be learning all about how to look at books on the shelves (cart) and return them with the backs facing out. We will also talk about the parts of a book, left to right reading and return sweep at the end of each line of text. We will read some fall books and talk about setting and characters.

  • In November, our 2nd graders will learn how to go on the Destiny Follett app to check out books and we will learn more about the Sora Reading app. We will continue to read SC Book Award Nominee books.

  • Our third - fifth graders will be focusing on genres and keeping a tally chart for the month of November. They will be looking at the data to think about what things they like about the genre they read most and then think about rounding out and into some other genres that they may not have read in yet. We are building strong, well-rounded readers at Doby’s!

MUSIC- Mrs. Albertson

During the month of October, Music classes were allowed to come back to the music room. The students were so excited for this change. I have placed small spots on my floor so the students sit 6 feet apart. It is great to be able to spread out to enjoy singing, moving and playing instruments. This past month, students have enjoyed some seasonal songs and lots of play-alongs using rhythm instruments and boomwhackers. The activities reinforce the new rhythm patterns that have been introduced at each level.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Coach Liebler & Katie Carpin

There have been a lot of changes going on in October. Mrs. Starnes went on Maternity Leave and we are so lucky to have Miss. Katie Carpin filling in for her until January. Also in October, PE was able to have one class move into the gym. This allows us to not only use our outside space, but find some sort of normalcy in PE inside the gym.

Currently we are in the middle of a Rolling, Tossing, Throwing unit where we are learning the correct form for each skill and then playing a game that corresponds to that skill.

In addition to our current unit Kindergarten and first grade have been learning/reviewing our locomotor skills which include walking, running, skipping, galloping, jumping, hopping and leaping. For some this comes easily, but for others it takes time. Encourage your child to show you the different locomotor skills.

TECHNOLOGY- Mrs. Shaffer

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    • Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Students will be learning about the parts of a computer and will be working on identifying letters and numbers on a keyboard. They will also begin a Digital Citizenship unit. Topics will include media balance and internet safety.

    • 2nd Grade: Students will continue learning about digital citizenship and will complete their Digital Citizenship infographics. Topics will include giving credit to others when using pictures or information from websites and malware.

    • 3rd Grade: Students will continue learning about digital citizenship and will complete their Digital Citizenship Tips. Topics will include online social interactions, copyright, and digital footprint.

    • 4th Grade: Students will continue learning about digital citizenship and will complete their Digital Citizenship slideshow. Topics will include cyberbullying, online media, and creator rights and responsibilities.

    • 5th Grade: Students will continue learning about digital citizenship and will complete their Digital Citizenship websites. Topics will include clickbait, plagiarism, and hackers.

Congratulations To our Teacher and Support Staff of the Month!

September Teacher of the Month- Molly Walters (FMVA 5th grade GT)

September Support Staff of the Month- Nancy Johnsen (Special Services Assistant)

October Teacher of the Month- Kate Groner (3rd grade)

October Support Staff of the Month- Dequitta White (lead custodian)

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Return to School Plan

Please click the link below to access Fort Mill School District's Return to School Plan. This link will provide up to date district information regarding in-person learning as well as information for the Fort Mill Virtual Academy.
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Bookfair and Spirit Wear

*Spirit Wear Sale* NEW designs!! Long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts AND masks. All orders due by November 12th at midnight. Orders can be shipped OR hand-delivered to your house for local orders. The sale begins Thursday October 28th and goes until midnight on November 12th.;!!CHCva4lQ!VuMUPNSzSnGW_WG6nxMwlT8TxEcGtKe8HsMmrTwJ3rMlGlNf1f3nfNXDbR-ZaGBjb1G3$

Our virtual Book Fair starts November 9th and goes through November 23rd. On November 9th, visit and follow the steps below to start shopping.

This includes both our in-person and FMVA students. Be sure to share the link with your loved ones! Also enjoy free shipping with a minimum purchase of $10. Thank you for your support!

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