Hurricane Katrina

How to rise from the ashes stronger than ever

About Our Attacker

  • Category 3
  • Winds up to 140 miles per hour
  • Storm Surge spiked to 28 ft.
  • Killed nearly 2 thousand
  • 180 billion dollars in repair costs

No Way Around It

Of course, no human force will ever be able to detain the almighty forces of a hurricane. But there are actions that we as citizens can make to make sure that we recover faster from our next attack.

Raising our levees several feet higher than what they were before will help lower the possibility that the water would top and overflow into the living areas. Changing the materials used to build these embankments would also make these barriers stronger by using materials that don't collapse under pressure as easily.

Where Do We Go From Here?

People can still live beside the levees, but they should take more precaution on how to rebuild their homes. By taking the appropriate amount of time needed to rebuild future homes and buildings, they can avoid total destruction for next time. If another Category 3 hurricane or worse were to hit, a stronger foundation and reinforced frames roofs.

Houses should also be build on stilts, or higher than they were originally. This allows for the house to not flood through immediately and provides a more efficient storage space for closely built neighborhoods.

Proper Home-building Timeline

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you or a loved on will be living in this area near the levees, it would be a smart idea to have flood insurance on your home and expensive belongings. Make sure that you are wealthy enough to withstand a home and pay for any maintenance and proper insurance.