Aunt Elda Lab

By Akren prodoehl

The use of anestitics

The use of anesthetics is to relive pain from the customer/patient. Usually it is used if someone has to have surgery of any type of pain that will suffer from it because of how bad it would hurt.
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utitlities that you need to begin this lab

-Need a calorimeter

-Need your computer

-Need a LabPro for the caorimeter to plug in too

How do anesthetics work?

The anesthetics work bypreventing sodium ions from going from one nerve cell to the next. an explanation of how it works goes like this... the anesthetic molecules bind to a nerve cell and block the openings through which the sodium ions are released. But the molecules dont bind to a nerve but somehow the ions arent captured by the other nerve cells which prevents them from carrying the pain signal to the brain.
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How to make a 40% solution

To make a 40% solution out of a 10 meter beaker you have to fill it up to the number 4 with the solution then finish fill the rest up with whatever chemical 'Water in our case" taht needs to be in to make the solution. So 40% drops of the solute and 60% of the water which is our solvent.
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Experiences ever with anesthetics

My first and only experience ever involves me getting 7 teeth pulled which wasnt very fun. But after you cant feel any part of your lip which is pretty cool and funny to me. So that is the only experince i have ever had before.
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What is the Beers law?

The beers law relates the attenuation of light to the properties of the material through which the light is traveling.

Graph for the Beers Lab

Next step for doctors?

The next step for doctors is to unravel the details of how anesthetics work at the cellular level and to find ways so that the side affects don't happen.