The Soccer Essentials

Train with us get to improve yourself as a soccer player.

Join the best soccer coaching class in the city.

The Soccer Essentials is a soccer camp made to help improve your soccer skills. Train with Arman Chandi to become a more well rounded soccer player. Do you love soccer ? Want to get better at it ? Have the determination and passion to improve ? Then this is the right soccer training for you.

Learn How to:

  • Shoot ball with more accuracy and power, plus different shooting techniques
  • Head the ball with more accuracy and power, plus different heading techniques
  • Dribble the ball more effectively, plus different dribbling techniques
  • Pass with more accuracy, plus different passing techniques
  • Tackle more effectively , plus different tackling techniques

Come whenever you want at Hershey Sports Zone.

The great thing about the Soccer Essentials is that you can accomodate your daily life schedule by choosing to come whenever you want! We also have our facility placed at a convenient location, the Hershey Sports Zone.

Meet the instructor!

Arman Chandi is very passionate about soccer. He started playing the beautiful game at a very young age. Furthermore, he has played for many professional teams such as Brampton Blast and leagues such as O.S.L (Ontario Soccer League).

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Guaranteed to help you improve your skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join the Soccer Essentials ?

First you get a free three day trial. After that if you want to join its only $20 per day.