Transition to Kindergarten

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Workshop summary

“Transition to Kindergarten” is a dynamic and interactive workshop that helps children with disabilities transition to kindergarten along with their families. By addressing the common questions and concerns that come along with this important step in the lives of families, “Transition to Kindergarten” will help families understand their rights and responsibilities as active participants in the process.

Transition to Kindergarten

Thursday, Aug. 4th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Jeanne Petit, Parent Training Coordinator

Jeanne Petit is our Parent Trainer, she will present our workshops and programs to our Creole-speaking families. Jeanne has over 15 years of experience with all aspects of disability from diagnosis, inclusion and living independently, and more ... Jeanne’s personal experience along with a multicultural approach to seeking solutions helps her become an involved, innovative, parenting parent. seek out resources along with members of her community.
This video is the replay of the workshop featured on FND PEN Facebook

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Collectively the PEN Team has over 60 years of experience with all aspects of disability from medical diagnosis, early intervention to school eligibility - IDEA/IEP, inclusion in school & community setting, navigating Transition and Post Secondary options to living independently, and much much more … our goal is to share our experience, strength and hope through informal storytelling of raising our children with a wide range of disabilities & family dynamics.

PEN serves 12 counties from Southeast FL into parts of Central FL, Please call 800-825-5736 if you would like to talk to a Parent trainer.