Mrs. N's SK/Grade 1 Class

Show and Share Update

Family Tree/Timeline Rubic

Our new round of Show and Share presentations began on Monday! Below you will find the criteria by which your child will be assessed on their presentation. These criteria were discussed in class as well as modelled by Mrs. Beattie and myself. We both presented our own family trees and timelines so the students would know what would be expected of them. I have attached pictures below so that you have an idea when guiding your child through the task. The students were reminded that they are to tell the class about special, important or notable moments in their lives using their timeline, not their likes or interests.

Show and Share Family Tree and Personal Timeline Rubric


I coloured and decorated my family tree/house.

I included pictures of family members.

I labelled each member of my family.

Timeline (Grade 1 only)

I made note of 5 to 6 milestones in my life.

I labelled each milestone with a date.

I labelled each milestone with a title/event.

I included a visual to represent each milestone.

Presentation Skills

I looked at my audience.

I spoke loud enough so people could hear me.

I spoke clearly.

Presentation Format

I named each member of my family and their position.

I mentioned one important fact about each family member.

I talked about each of my milestones.

When I spoke, I stayed on topic.

I was able to answer my peers’ questions about my family tree/timeline.