czech republic

by clarissa,olivia,and mj

Are Republic

In mid-1992, Czech and Slovak leaders decided to split Czechoslovakia into two nations, one for Czechs and one for Slovaks. On Jan. 1, 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were formed to replace Czechoslovak.It is borederd by slouakia,austria,and germany and the population is about 10,516,000

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the highest elevation ,the natural resourses,and main products.

the highest elevation of this country is 1,602 meters the natural resourses are hard coal soft coal kaolin clay timber graphite.the main produts are iron chemical electronics ceramics pharmaceuticals sugarbeets fodderroots and hops.

interesting place to visit.

prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world.and presidents of czechoslovakia and it now serves as the seat of president of the czech rupublic.


czech was formed into a common state ater world war 1 october 28 ,1918. czech lost their national independance to the hapsbrugs empire in 1620. 300 yeras they where ruled by the Austrian monarchy and it ended at the end of world war 1.