Forms of Poetry

What is it?

A ballad is a form of poetry, a naritive, often put to music. Some song lyrics start out as a ballad.

This picture is from a ballad, The Twa Corbies, drawn by Arthur Rackham.


The word "Ballad" came from the French word ballares, medieval French dance songs. It is not known where the type of poetry originaly comes from but, some people think that it comes from Scandinavian or German storytellers, then put to music so children can remember the stories.

"Ballad" by Cody Patterson

The foreshadowing feeling in my ominous intellect initiates a multifarious Ballad.
The Ballad stands eagerly thru me.
The Ballad subsists within every solitary pore of my physique.
The Ballad streams via the stratum's of my temple.
The Ballad influences my intelligence through the supremacy of dynamism.
The Ballad appears exultant within my reservoir.
The Ballad desires I never purloin a sabbatical.
The Ballad remains gratified.
I appear to despondently coexist amid,
The Ballad.
Exceedingly keenly.