Antonin Scalia

Served since September 26, 1986- current

During His Time...

Many controversial topics have been brought into the Supreme Court during Scalia's term in office, including (but not limited to)

1) abortion and planned parenthood

2) race, gender, and sexual orientation

3) the death penalty

Other Cases During His Time

4) Bush v. Gore:

Scalia agreed with the majority opinion to end recounts of ballots from the 2000 presidential election. He then spoke and stated, "I and my court owe no apology whatever for Bush v. Gore. We did the right thing."

5) Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health:

This case involved a woman who was on her deathbed and wanted her feeding tube removed (there by killing her) and the department of health wouldn't let her.The court agreed with the state because there was no proof that the woman wanted this. Scalia stated that the court should have stayed away from the case altogether.

6) District of Columbia v. Heller:

This case solved a dispute over gun possession and ownership in Washington D.C. The court declared that Heller had the gun legally and was allowed to own it under his second amendment rights. Scalia referenced the word "militia" in the second amendment and how it regards to the entirety of the body of citizens.

7) Miranda v. Arizona:
This trial was about a man who was arrested and wasn't given or made aware of his rights before speaking or going to court. The court ruled that suspects were to be made aware of their rights before interrogation, and ensure that they are protected from self-incrimination.


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