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Piero Della Francesca was thought to be born around the 1420's In sansepolcro, Italy. He was raised by his widowed mother, Della Francesca and he spent most of his life In Sansepolcro and he even died there, however he did move around to different places for short periods of time. He was a mathematician, a theorist, and a painter, and was considered one of the most influential Italian artists of the ear;y Renaissance. Nothing is known about Piero's early training as a painter, though it was assumed he was taught by local experts. Piero created many paintings like, Madonna with saints and donor, and dreams of constantine. Being a mathematician he created many works explaining his intellectual advances in painting and business mathematics, these documents were established in his three treatises one of his articles is De Prospectiva pingendi. Closely linked to Piero is perspectivism because he was very fond of geometrical form he is also closely linked to Naturalism because he stressed the importance of perfect proportions and shadows in his work.

madonna and child enthroned with saints mary magdalen and john the baptist

This piece was created around 1510-15. This painting can be found in the Metropolitan museum of art. In this piece, you can notice Piero's attention to detail and his focus on depth, shadows, and symmetry. this piece closely relates to naturalism because the textures, tones and light are all executed with a natural appearance. This piece is a famous painting that uses advanced techniques of light, space and gestures to make it very popular. This piece was displayed in churches all around Florence, Italy. The texture and use of shadows on the fabric and stairs also displays the talent in Piero. I like this piece because i love the way he created this to have so much depth and shadow and create a natural appearance

Information: http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/435824
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