Destiny Discover Library Catalog

An introduction for students

The MHHS library catalog is available online!

Students may browse our print collection online with Destiny Discover.

Follow the steps below to access Destiny Discover and find a book good today!

Step 1: Go to Destiny Discover


Choose "California" from the drop-down location menu.

Search for school by entering in "Mission Hills High School, San Marcos, CA"

Click "Go!" and you will be taken to the MHHS library catalog home page.

Step 2: Explore the home page

The MHHS library home page in Destiny Discover displays our newest additions and most popular titles.

It is easy to tell instantly if a book in our catalog is available by looking at the book cover.

Books with a green "IN" bookmark on the cover are on the shelf in the MHHS library.

Books with a red "OUT" bookmark on the cover are currently checked out.

Step 3: Search our catalog

Click on the blue magnifying glass symbol on the top right corner to access the search bar.

Use the basic search bar to search for titles, authors, genres, topics, and more!

To use the advanced search functions, click on the blue arrow symbol to the right of the main search bar. Advanced search options include keywords, series, ISBN, interest levels, and reading levels.

Step 4: Found a book on Destiny? Find it on our shelves!

Once you have decided on a book, check again to make sure it is available (does it have the green "IN" bookmark?). If the book is available, find the call number.

The library is divided into two main sections - fiction and nonfiction.

Fiction books have call numbers that start with "FIC", followed by the first 3 letters of the author's last name.

Fiction call number example: "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green has a call number of "FIC GRE", so first you would head to the fiction section which is then organized alphabetically by author's last name. Head to the G's and search until you find "GRE".

Nonfiction books have call numbers that start with a series of numbers starting from 000 to 999.

Nonfiction call number example: "Where Have All the Bees Gone?: Pollinators in Crisis" by Rebecca Hirsch has a call number of "595.79 HIR". Books in the 500s are catalogued as science or science-related. Natural histories and books about animals are catalogued in the 590s. You would first go to the nonfiction section, then go to the 500s and look for "595.79 HIR", with "HIR" meaning the first three letters of the author's last name.

Once you've located the book and wish to check it out, bring it to the library's circulation desk and a library staff member will check it out to your library account. Please be sure to bring your student ID card with you to the library as it makes check-outs easier and faster!

Questions about Destiny? Contact Mrs. Diaz at