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2nd Day of 2nd Grade!

August 6, 2015
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First Week!

We have just completed our first full week of 2nd grade and it was amazing! We are establishing our routines and practicing our procedures. We have been receiving compliments from other teachers for our good behavior and following school expectations. For each compliment that we receive, we earn a letter to spell the word "COMPLIMENT". By Thursday, we had earned 10 compliments! The class came up with suggestions for our reward and they voted on their favorite. More info to come...


On Mondays, we take a Spelling Pre-Test using the words from the Regular Lists. If your child spells all the words correctly (not including the bonus word), I will send home the challenge list for them to study. Spelling tests are on Fridays.

Students will be bringing a letter home on Monday (8/17) explaining the website that I use to post weekly spelling words. The Spelling City website is a good tool to help your child study their spelling words. They can take practice tests, review the words, and play games. There is also a free app that can be downloaded.

Here is the link: http://www.spellingcity.com/Parker2ndGrade/.

Reading/Language Arts

We have weekly assessments in our Journeys Reading Series based on content that we are learning each week in the areas of vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and phonics. We will split the tests and take 1/2 on Thursdays (vocabulary & comprehension) and 1/2 on Fridays (grammar & phonics).


We will have our first Religion assessment over Chapter 1 - Jesus is the Son of God on Thursday, August 20th. A study guide will come home on Wednesday. Students can go to the website www.webelieveweb.com to practice the online study guide and do the activities for Chapter 1.

2nd Grade Prayer Day

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 9:15am-2pm

2695 Jackson Bridge Road

Bowling Green, KY

We will need drivers to take us to Gasper River Retreat Center and pick us up. Our room mother, Mrs. Herman, will be contacting parents to drive. Please make sure that you are current with Safe Environment & driving requirements. Contact Mrs. Zoellner in the office to check your status.

Please turn your Permission forms for field trips (from Parent Orientation folder).


Lost River Cave Field Trip

We are in the process of planning our Fall field trip to Lost River Cave. We are waiting for them to confirm a date. More info to come...

Tallies and Bar Graphs

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Mass Offering

Just a reminder that if your child would like to bring money to put in the collection basket at Mass, they may bring it on Mondays or Tuesdays before Mass. I have collection envelopes in the classroom for them to use. Students may also write a special prayer intention and put in the collection basket.

August Mass Offerings will be given to Catholic Relief Services.


Please remember to pack a snack for your child. We are always grateful for snacks given to the class for when one doesn't have a snack. We don't want anyone left out. Thanks! :)

Lunch Account Number

Children that purchase items from the cafeteria use a lunch account number that they enter on a keypad. I will place a tag on the inside of their daily folders with their lunch account number. Please help them to learn their numbers. This lunch account number is the same number that they use every year. Thanks for your help!

Making Pairs - Learning About Even & Odd Numbers

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Contact the Teacher

My webpage is still under construction! You may contact me through my webpage or directly at kparker@stjosephschoolbg.org.

I really appreciate your patience as I am learning the ropes. I am so blessed to have such wonderful students and parents. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for all you do!