Code Of Ethics

Becca Bane


Honesty is simply telling the truth. Not stealing, doing your own work versus copying others work, and respecting not only your property, but other people's property are examples of ways to show honesty. I feel that I am honest. I do not copy others people's work in school and I do my best to tell the truth even when I might not want to. I have never tried to steal anything and I want to continue to be an honest person as I grow up. The ethical solution when deciding whether to lie, steal, or copy, is to not do any of those things. When going to lie, people should just tell the truth because it saves many people from getting in more trouble. When going to steal, people should just buy the item or ask a close friend if they can borrow money and pay them back, it could save people from getting arrested. Lastly, when thinking about copying, the ethical situation would be to ask for help if needed. Or to do the work and not copy.


Integrity means to just treat others fairly and to follow the rules given to you. Most people often go against all rules given to them because they may think it is cool. In reality, it just gets them and other people in trouble. To treat others fairly is to include all people and treat them nicely and with concern if it is needed. I think that I am respecting of other people. In the past I have treated other people unkindly, but I have tried to watch how I treat others. I feel that if I do not want to be treated bad, then I should not treat others bad. The ethical solution if ever caught treating other rudely would be to just simply treat people kindly. Bullying others would cause problems with the bully and the victim. The ethical solution when given rules is to follow them to avoid getting hurt or in trouble.


Responsibility is being reliable for others and to follow through on the promises that you make. There are many people who are not reliable. They cannot be counted on for anything. There are also people who never keep their promises. When in a friendship, people should always follow through on their promises. It is what helps keep a friendship strong. If one friend is not keeping thier promise, it could tear apart close friends. I know that I have kept my promises. I do not make promises often, but when I do I do not tell the promise to other people. It can just cause problems and the end of a long friendship. The eithical solution when deciding whether or not to break a promise would be to keep the promise to avoid later issues with friends.


Courage is being able to do something that may scare or make you nervous. Many people choose to turn down opportunities given to them because they are scared of doing it. They then miss out on fun events or a life-changing experience. I know that I am not very good with courage. I am not good with speaking in front of others. I tend to say no to activities that I am scared of. I then miss some fun opportuniteis. The ethical solution to being scared and not doing something would be to face the challenge and take a friend or do it with a friend for support. In the long run, it can create good memories.

Responsibilities to family

Having responsibilities to your family is helping out with chores or siblings. There are people in the world that do nothing for the family and instead go out and rarely ever go home. Siblings often need to be watched and taken care of and when no one is home to help a mother, something could go wrong. I help out with my famliy. I help do chores and clean up the house when my mom needs help. It gets things done faster. The ethical solution when faced the issue of having to help out at home or go out with friends would be to stay home. Friends can always wait and siblings may need to be taken care of. Less problems at home would arrise if people helped out at home.
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