Prairie View 5th Grade News

What time does school start?

We hope that students will be in class by 7:30 every morning as we prepare our planners each day from 7:15 to 7:40. This gives students a chance to “begin with the end in mind”, prepare for their day, and be PROACTIVE.

Morning announcements are made at 7:40, at which time students should have their planners completed and supplies readied for their morning classes. One purpose of the planners (in addition to giving students a “heads up” to what they will be doing that day) is to give parents an idea of what students are doing each day. It could be a great way to start conversations at home about what’s going on at school. Students have been asked to take their planners home each night for parent initials. Communication among parents, students and teachers is one of our goals and this is just one of the ways we try to get students to communicate more with their parents! We reward students with “money” (part of our classroom economy) for daily initialed entries in their planners and for signatures in the green “Take Home” folders that go home every Friday.

At 7:45, our classes (Davidson, Ward, Wilkins) meet in Mrs. Ward’s classroom for Morning Meeting and Seven Habits training. All students go to Specials at 8:00.

The Leader in Me

Putting First Things First is the HABIT of the week. Here are a few videos we will be watching and discussing.

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Weekly Learning Targets

Math- We are initiating the Think Through Math homework this week. In the email sent last Friday the attachment was a letter from TTM filled with information in English and Spanish regarding all the components and how you can better assist your child at home. Please take a few minutes to read through the letter, you’ll be glad you did! This week in math we will be developing strategies for adding and subtracting decimal fractions.

Language Arts- This week, fifth graders are finishing their reading of Hatchet and will be working on several associated tasks related to the story. Each of these tasks will be modeled by the teacher and will then be included as future assignment choices from which students will select when completing novels in their independent reading. Among these are: plot pyramid, character map, reading response expository writing, and creating chapter titles.

In social studies, students will continue to learn the states and their capitals, adding thirteen more states to those memorized last week. The summative assessment for these new additions will be Friday, September 23. States are added in the order of their joining the Union/United States (in case students or parents want to get ahead)!

Science- This week in science, we will be testing over testing properties of matter. Then, we will be digging deeper into the properties of water, such as boiling and freezing points. Also, we will be studying more about magnetism.

Please send headphones or ear buds with your child.

With all the technology we will be using this year, having some headphones/earbuds would be a great convenience for your child. So if you have an old pair laying around the house that you don't mind losing, please send it with your child. They will be able to keep it in their pencil pouch or locker.

Dismissal Reminders

Parents that are picking up your child tomorrow and/ or any day after. Please make sure you have a green sign with your child's name on it in dark letters. It is for the safety of your child. It also helps the carline to go by faster. If you walk up to pick up your child, you must have a green sign. We realize that many of you know your teacher and they know you, but we will be very strict with this procedure for your child's safety. If you do not have a green sign, be prepared to show your id. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note.....

Our conference time is at 8:00 in the morning. We do not always get a chance to check our email until the end of the day. When emailing ride changes or important information for that day, please also cc llewis@nisdtx.org or sjackson@nisdtx.org. This will guarantee your message is recorded. Thank you so much for your help in this matter.

Auction Donations Needed

We will be having auctions almost weekly. This is a great way for our students to spend the "money" they have been earning for their classroom jobs and excellent behavior. We would love any donations to make the auctions successful. Donations can vary from anything to new/slightly used small toys, finger nail polish, lotions, Pokémon, trinkets, etc. We would greatly appreciate any donations. These auctions are great behavioral motivators for your child and we appreciate you helping us out!

Important Events

PVE Watchdogs Kickoff

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 6-8pm


Calling all dads and granddads!

Fall Carnival

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 1-4pm