Reggie Gas Gusseler Gas Stop

"We do sell gas"

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About us

We are a convenience store. We are going to start we loans from family and the bank so we can get started. Minimum aka how to work the cash register and how to sell to people. We sell Gum, pizza,soda,water,beef jerky,candy,hot dogs, Corn Flakes Fam mix tapes, monster and gas. We are going to market are business on television. We manage are business records with biz-filing.

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What type of business structure are we?

We are a corporation.

Advantages- Liability of any owner is limited to the amount of money invested

  • Can invest and receive profit without having to take part in day-to-day operations

  • Business can easily be expanded and ownership can be changed by the sale of stock

Disadvantages- Decisions are shared among managers, board of directors and shareholders

  • More records are required

  • More laws to follow

  • Pay corporate taxes on profits earned and investors also pay taxes on their individual earnings from the business

Our Goal

1. have a commercial in are first year.

2. have 5 workers

3. sell $100,000 in products

4. We will not be in debt by the end of the year.

5. We will Profitable by the end of the year.

Mission statement

RGGGS's goal is to serve our community and surrounding communities with good products at low prices.

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