Mary Munford Library Minutes


Professional Development VAASL Conference 2014

Dear teachers,

I had the privilege to attend the state conference for the school librarians VAASL 2014. Our keynote speaker was Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California. He talked about the free voluntary reading, and the writing process. Everyone cheered on his comment about excessive testing in schools. He said, "When you go to a doctor to check your blood, you give only a small sample, not all of your blood." It is the same with testing. Students need occasional testing every two-three years, but not every year.

In his theory paper "Compelling, Comprehensive Input", he wrote,"For optimal language acquisition and literacy development, input should not only be interesting, it should be compelling, so interesting that you are not aware what language it is in, so interesting that that you are in a state of flow. The concerns of everyday life and even your sense of self disappears - your sense of time is altered and nothing but the message matters."

Below is his website:


Kudos to all of the teachers and grade teams for contributing suggestions and ideas for the library lessons! Thanks again to the first and third grade teams who provide me with their newsletters weekly. Personal thanks to Lynn Neese for editing my newsletters!

Kindergarten children listened to a variety of literary forms, and participated in a number of oral language activities, including choral and echo speaking, recitation of short poems, rhymes, and stories. First grade students listened to many books about seasonal changes, and the journey of the Pilgrims. Second grade students learned about biographies, and had guided reading activities. Third grade worked on how to find reference books (thesaurus and dictionaries) in the library, Fourth grade learned about the Solar System. Fifth grade learned about the research process.

All of the primary classes worked on how to find a "just right" book with the "Five Finger Rule".

All of your suggestions are greatly appreciated!