Media Memos

October News


BMS students have had a busy start to the school year, and our media program has been busy as well, making sure everyone is back into their books and all the systems we use to make our learning here even better!

Pesky Passwords!

Students are using many systems this year to help with learning, and we are trying hard to keep logins and passwords the same for as many systems as we can. All students log in to computers, Naviance, Edmodo, and Googledocs with the same username & password....and we're working to get everything aligned with Study Island and Skyward as well. Sixth graders are already there, and we' going to get 7th and 8th graders the soon! This will make everyone's lives a great deal easier. Remember, if you have a password that isn't working, come see Ms. Pringle in the media center.