Introduction to Vikings

Viking Warriors and Weapons

What Weapons did Vikings use?

Weapons were one of the most essential needs in a viking community. They were needed for food. They were also a symbol of wealth and power. Vikings were highly skilled metalworkers. They made a range of different things such as swords, axes, knives and helmets.

How did Vikings use their Weapons to attack?

The Vikings would usually carry a sword on raids. When the vikings attacked, they would chase the locals until they were close enough to stab them with the sword. The stomach, back or head was a common place to strike as it was an easy target that would kill the victim quickly.
Viking journeys 1 (1/4)

Viking Journeys (video presentation)

The Video above shows the dawn of the Viking age, as well as the weapons and items used on raids. It outlines the Viking life in a brief description to give an in-sight into this un-believable world.

Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson was the son of Erik the Red. Leif was born in Iceland at around 970 CE. He was educated and taught life skills by a man called Thryker. His father had brought Thryker back from a previous raid as a prisoner. Leif Erikson was most well known for the discovery of today’s Canada.

Erik the Red (Erik Thorvaldsson)

Erik the Red father of Leif Erikson and Thorvald Erikson was most well known for discovering the first Norse settlement in Greenland. Erik Thorvaldsson was his name before he became a great discoverer. Erik the Red was born in 950 AD and died in 1003 AD. His father was born in Norway, and died in Iceland.