Punishment For Cybebullying ?

Lorenzo E. Ortiz

Thesis Statement

Punishment for cyber bullying shouldn't reach the extreme of a jail sentence but taken care of with less drastic measures.

Pro Source 1

  • Laws been written a long time ago
  • constitution-bill of rights
  • look over the laws
  • “Laws may need to be reevaluated to determine whether there should be specific crimes against cyber harassment, but prohibiting mean words and cyber gossip will never pass constitutional muster” (Levenson 1).
  • There is no way that we can have cyber bullying against a law because of the constitution giving everyone the freedom of speech.
  • The current laws have to be updated to be relevant to cyber bullying because back then they didn't have technology this advanced.

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Pro Source 2

  • punished by their intent
  • some are just jerks
  • Thin lines of invasion of privacy and freedom of speech
  • "When people are punished, it should be for the harm that they intend to do. If a bully crosses the line between freedom of speech, and invasion of privacy, or harassment, those are the crimes he should be charged with, as is happening in the cases currently in the news”
  • punish by their intent not by the effects of the few who killed themselves

Con Source

  • millions to see
  • others can join in and continue
  • leads to suicide and its a real crime
  • “Abusing on these forums can lead to extreme emotional stress and mental anguish, even culminating in the victim committing suicide”
  • It can lead to destroying a person if they don't kill themselves


  • This is a very tricky issue to handle
  • laws are old
  • cyber bullying ruins lives
  • prison ruins lives
  • everyone help
  • a little of both

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