The Grimm Legacy

Book By: Polly Shulman

Walk into a world of magic...

Only 325 pages long!


Elizabeth Rew had just gotten a job at the respitory as a page.Anjali another page who decided scince she had started working there that she should know that strange things have been occurring at the respository.Afterwards they figure out that the something has been stealing objects and replacing them with imposters. Elizabeth decided to go on an adventure with her page friends, Marc, Anjali, and Aaron and their siblings to find out why all this commotion has been going on.During all of this Elizabeth and Marc have a fight with Aaron which has Elizabeth almost end up being eaten by a giant rat. On the adventure they made new friends and helped save their boss, Doctor Rust. At the end of the story they save the respository from any more frod items and keept the Grimm Collection safe.


I think that the theme to the story is about how it is not always what it seems. The theme is also that sometimes you have to trust people even if you don't exactly like them.

I think the point of view for The Grimm Legacy is first person view.

The Theme and My Life

The theme is like my life in many ways. In one way is that sometimes my brother and I fight but if he or I need to help each other we have to make up. Sometimes if something happens we might think it was our older brother ,but it turns out to be it was my dad. In my life I have learned to never assume right away. You should also always keep what you assume to your self sometimes. Those are all life lessons I have learned because of mistakes I have made before.
Flying carpet from Grimm Collection