Monday, October 12 - Friday, October 16

Interhouse Spelling Competitors

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  • Parents please be reminded that all undershirts under uniform shirt must be white.
  • ALL homework books and assignments should be signed and dated by parents.
  • Students should have at 3 - 5 sharpened pencils for school each day (this is a daily homework and should be a part of the packing routine). Sharpening pencils during class time is not allowed as sharpeners are not allowed (until I get an electric one)
  • Each student should have a glue stick (we do a lot of cutting and pasting and the glue stick is easier to work with), crayons or colored pencils, scissors, and a big eraser. (The pencil erasers do NOT last long).
  • 8 TENNIS BALLS. THIRTEEN down 7 more to go.
  • There is no morning playtime children should proceed from the car directly to the classroom to begin bell-work.
  • Parents please be reminded that lunch for warming should be precooked or a microwaveable spaghetti/soup in a plastic container. Noodles and Kraft dinners are discouraged by the school and cannot be accommodated.
  • ALL STUDENTS are required by the school to be in possession of an Anglican School Hymnal (this can be purchased from the schools bookstore at a cost of $15.00).

REPLENISH SUPPLIES - scissors are not showing up in class; pencils are not sharpened or non-existent; glue sticks are being used up.

edible math place value activity

what we are learning this week


Next Spelling/Vocabulary/Story test will be Friday, October 30


  • Religion - The Creation Story - Wednesday
  • Grammar - Types of Sentences - Wednesday
  • Science - Needs and Parts of Plants - Thursday


Homework is assigned daily, depending on what is covered in class. Please check the HOMEWORK JOURNAL each evening.

DEAR DIARY - Monday through Wednesday and sometimes Thursday

REMEMBER - ALL homework is to be signed


  • Spelling/Vocabulary words
  • Reading for 30 minutes
  • Times Tables - This week is 2 & 3 times tables


All journals are sent home each Friday so you are aware of what your child is doing in school. Please review concepts, check handwriting and spelling to ensure both you and your child can read what has been written. Unit tests almost here so make sure your child is ready. BE PREPARED!!!!!


CULTURAL WEEK - October 19-21

  • Know Your Bahamas Quiz
  • Costume Parade
  • Mini-Fair Fun Day

October 21 - 3rd grade COSTUME THEME is the island of ELEUTHERA. - Students may wear costumes, colors or anything that represents this island.

Eleuthera Facts:

  • home of Eleutheran Adventurers - Europeans led by William Sayle in search of Religious freedom
  • well-known for pineapples


3rd grade will be responsible for selling CORN DOGS. So we are asking each family to donate ONE BOX of corn dogs.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE - Thursday, October 22 There will be no school for students on this day.

MID-TERM BREAK - Friday, October 23 and Monday, October 26.


Parents, I do a lot of interactive notebook activities with my students. This requires a lot of ink and paper. The school can do some but not all. I have my own printers/copiers in my class. I need your assistance to help defray the cost of the paper and ink.

This is not a demand or a must. If you can assist, great! If you can't, no problem. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated.


#670 (black, blue, yellow, pink) available @ John Bull for about $13.00 per cartridge.

OR MicroTech on Maderia Street that has the cartridges for about $11.00.

#61 (black and color) available @ Verde for $20/$25 per cartridge

Paper - regular copy paper which John Bull has for $5-$6 per ream.