Foreshadowing in Walk Two Moons

by Sophia Munoz

Summary of the novel

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a 13-year-old girl named Sal. While driving with her grandparents to Lewiston, Idaho Sal tells us the story of Phoebe, her disappearing mother, the lunatic, and their unbreakable friendship.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to hint at the death of Sals mom and grandmother.
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Sals mom death in a bus accident

One of the foreshadowed events in the novel Walk Two Moons is Sals moms death in a bus accident. The first instance that Sals mom already died is when Sal goes over the reason for visiting her mother. " Gram And Gramps wanted to see momma, who was resting peacefully in lewiston, Idaho" (Creech 5). Later in that chapter Sal gives the reader another clue that her mom passed away in a bus accident. " I prayed that we wouldn't get accident ( I was terrified of cars and busses)..." (Creech 7). Sal says that her mom has gone away, her reasons for visiting shows us that her mom has passed away. " Resting peacefully is a term many us use to describe someone who has passed on. Sals big fear of cars, busses and accidents also hint that her mother died in that form of a situation. Sals fear might also have something to do with the trauma she went through. it is through foreshadowing that the reader gets an idea of the struggles Sal went through.

Grams Death

Another foreshadowed even in the novel is Grams death. the first time it is hinted that Grams will die is when the snake bites her leg, and leaves the hospital to early. " Gram was released from the hospital the next morning.... Gramps wanted her to say another day, but grams climbed out of bed..." (Creech 98). Her potential death is hinted again when Sal can her a difference in her breathing that wasn't there before until the snake bite. " When grams spoke you could here the rattle in her chest." (Creech 251). Snake bites (especially from a water moccasin) are very lethal to humans. Even thought they tried to suck out the poison from grams leg it still was a long drive to the hospital. Leaving a doctors office early especially when you are not 100% better is never a good idea either. Much later in the book it is clear that Grams in not in good health. The rattling in her chest that was not there before is horrible. Foreshadowing grams death is important because this is where grams finds peace with her mom, and so does Sal.