Soldiers abroad

Coming home

They aren't fighting for nothing

I want to talk about soldiers who are fighting in other countries because I think that people who live here don't know how it is to fight over there. Those soldiers have to fight there, but maybe they don't even want to fight there. They are there because the government sent them to fight there. Those soldiers have to stay there for a long time living in pure fear. Many people in our country do not understand that. They think that they chose that because they are soldiers. Ok, they chose to be a soldier, but they didn't choose to live in pure fear for a long time. You can't train soldiers for that. I think that when those soldiers are comming home that we have to give a party or that we have to celebrate that together. Those soldiers aren't fighting there for nothing. They are fighting there for the safety of the people who live there. So everytime that those soldiers come back we have to celebrate that so that if they are back in service they have something to look forward to.

Alex 5wewia 16

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