Mackenzie Penka

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Why Would I Be A Good Addition To The Pet World Staff?

I know that I'd fit right in with the staff of Pet World for many reasons! One of which being my love for animals. All through my life I have been more than willing to hold, pet, walk, and play with just about any animal that will let me. I lived on a farm so as a child I had tons of pets. Like other kids I had cats and dogs but I also had some unique pets such as a tarantula named Theodore, a lizard named Willie, a cow named Tina, and several geese as well as ducks. Not only does this love for animals make me a good fit for the job but also the satisfaction I get from helping other people. I remember that as a child, before heading to the pet store I thought I knew exactly what I wanted! However, after seeing the variety of pets, I went crazy! I wanted to take all of the animals home so it was awesome to know that someone in the pet store would be there to help me find the animal that was just right for me! I look forward to helping others find their perfect match.

Just A Few of My Pets

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