Survival Guide

Austrian Savannah

The Plane Crash

I was on my way to New Zealand from Indonesia when our plane crashed out in the middle of the Australian Savannah. We were stranded out in the desert with no water, or food. since we were all hot and sweaty I told everyone that was still alive to stay calm and be look out for danger such as snakes, kangaroo's, and other animals.
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Survival Tips

1. Stay calm and have confidence

2. Find shelter and water

3. Keep warm at night

4. Find safe food to eat


Luckily we had an air marshal on the plane that had a gun. We could shoot the kangaroo and build a fire for food to survive. This animal can be harmful if mistreated. if you are very careful and let it know you are there and don't touch there babies.
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The cactus is a good food source for water. It can be harmful because it can poke you with thorns and may be poisonous.
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