Sarina's Fairytale

by Sarina

My Very First Camping Trip

Once there was a little six year-old, girl called Crystal. She lived with her parents who were kind and gave endless love to her.

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paragraph 2

One day Crystal’s parents told her something very exciting; “We have decided that we’re going to take you on a camping trip.” Crystal was so shocked her eyes almost popped out.

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paragraph 3

Three days later it was the big day, “I’m so excited!” Crystal screamed till her parents woke up. “Be quiet!” Her parents shouted, “We’re trying to sleep.” They woke up and started to get ready for adventure ahead of them.

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paragraph 4

When they were ready to go, they hopped in the car and set off. While they were driving, Crystal asked, “Mum, Dad, did you remember the supplies?” “I’m pretty sure that your mother packed the supplies, didn’t you honey?” her father asked. “Yes, I’m positive that I packed the equipment,” Crystal’s mother said nervously.

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paragraph 5

When they got to their destination, Crystal’s father looked in the back of the car but there was nothing in there, or was there? “Honey! Where’s all the supplies?” her father asked. Crystal was panicking, “What are we going to do now? We’re not going home. That’ll be a waste of time!” Her parents didn’t know what to do, so they wandered through the bushes to find some food to survive.

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paragraph 6

Crystal and her parents kept walking until they saw a magical castle. It had fairies flying everywhere. “Wow! This is amazing!” they all shouted in amazement. They went into the castle and told the fairies that they were lost. The fairies agreed that they would help them. They made a vision of the car in the vision globe. The vision went to the back of the car and opened the boot. The boot had the supplies right in the back, hiding. “Thank you so much!!!” Crystal said thankfully. They went back to the car and ate the food. Instead they put up the tent in the backyard with a fire to keep them warm.


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