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January at a Glance


1/3 School Resumes

1/7 (OPTIONAL) 3rd graders sing at basketball game 7-7:30

1/14 Two Hour Early Release

(OPTIONAL) 3rd graders sing at basketball game 7-7:30

1/17 No School/Martin Luther King Jr Day

1/27 Second Quarter/First Semester Ends

1/28 No School Students

1/31 Second Semester/Third Quarter Begins

Report Cards viewable by parents


The Minnesota winter months are here. The importance of wearing proper clothing is essential for keeping warm and safe. The outdoors is enjoyed most when our students are dressed properly. Layering is the key to staying dry, warm & healthy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Glenda Grant at 952-496-5804.

Art Lines from Mr. Olson

Happy New Year from the Art Department!

I hope everyone had a relaxing winter break!

I am very excited for the month of January because every student will be completing their clay project. The 4th and 5th graders will have their clay containers on display in the hallway outside the art room. They worked very hard on these and the containers will be coming home soon. The 2nd and 3rd graders will be creating a coil pot out of clay. The 1st graders will be completing a snowman made of clay. And the Kindergarteners will be creating a pinch pot out of clay. Every student will also be glazing their clay project.

I encourage everyone to have a space in your home to display these projects. It is fun to see their progress over the years😊


Mr. Olson


Jackson Art Specialist

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Music "Notes" from Mrs. Flatness and Mrs. Peoples

Happy New Year!

During the month of January, students in music class will be assessed on 2 music standards. You will see a grade for these standards on their report card at the end of 2nd quarter. Music class is graded 2nd and 4th quarter only.

2nd quarter Music Standards Assessed:


Student can demonstrate how vocal pitches are used in music. (high vs. low) Music Standard: Re 7.2.Ka
Student can demonstrate how steady beat is used in music. Music Standard: 7.2.Ka

1st grade

Student can create and perform a variety of rhythm patterns. Music Standard: Pr4.2.1a

Student can demonstrate echoing pitches so-mi. Music Standard: Pr6.1.1b

2nd grade

Student can demonstrate reading and performing grade level rhythm patterns. Music Standard: Pr4.2.2b

Student can demonstrate echoing pitches so-mi-la. Music Standard: MU:Pr4.2.2b

3rd grade

Student can demonstrate reading and performing grade level rhythm patterns. Music Standard: Pr6.1.3b

Student can describe how music affects mood. Music Standard: Re8.1.3a

4th grade

Student can perform a 3 pitch song on a recorder. Music Standard: Pr4.2.2b

Student can demonstrate traditional counting of rhythm patterns. Music Standard: Pr4.2.4b

5th grade

Student can describe the eight Element of Music words and meaning. Music Standard: Pr4.2.5a

Student can perform music in a variety of ways. Music Standard: Pr6.1.5a

Grades in music class:
There are no “E” grades given in music class.

“3” means= Student has mastered the standard

“2” means= Student is progressing towards the standard

“1” means= Student did not demonstrate progress towards the standard

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions!

Mrs. Flatness, sflatnes@shakopee.k12.mn.us

Mrs. Peoples, speoples@shakopee.k12.mn.us

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Physical Education Fun with Mr. Casey and Mrs. Tanberg

Hello Jackson Parents and Students!

We hope you all had a nice winter break and are ready for January.

This is a busy month for us in Physical Education Class as we are going to be starting our Basketball unit and Hockey units. In Basketball, students will work on skills such as: right hand dribble, left hand dribble, and the crossover dribble. Students will also be practicing various passing skills. The three passes that students will learn are: the bounce pass, overhead pass, and chest pass. Shooting skills are fun to teach the students. They will learn a two hand set shot, granny shot, goose neck shot and the older students will learn a layup. We use the acronym B.E.E.F when we teach shooting skills. B is for balance, E is for Eyes, E is for Elbow, F is for follow through. Our students will also learn popular recreational games. Just to name a few they are: “Around the world”, “H.O.R.S.E”, “Lightning”, the game of “21” and “Knock Away.

Hockey is another popular game we play in Physical Education Class. Jackson students will learn how to hold a hockey stick and do various shooting skills such as: the wrist shot, backhand shot and the slap shot. They will practice dribbling the puck and passing to their friends. Students will learn the various positions: Goalie, Center, Right and Left Wing, and Right and Left Defense. Students at Jackson Elementary will make up teams and get a chance to play all positions as we learn to play the game of hockey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Physical Education Department.

Jackson Elementary Physical Education Staff

Mr. Jeff Casy (jcasey@shakopee.k2.mn.us)

Mrs. Susan Tanberg (stanberg@shakopee.k12.mn.us)

If anyone has some old tennis shoes that they would like to donate to the Physical Education Department it be greatly appreciated. We have students who do not have tennis shoes to wear for physical education and we would like to give them a pair. Please make sure the tennis shoes are clean and free of rips and tears.

Greetings from the Learning Commons!

Media Classes

During media class from mid-November through mid-December, students in all grade levels are coding robots. Coding robots involves high-level thinking including problem analysis, sequencing steps to automate a solution, and using variables to manipulate the code to perform a specific task.

Kinder/1st: Students have to solve a variety of puzzles and code a mouse to get from the starting point to the square with the cheese. Students use the Robot Mouse robot for these puzzles.

2nd/3rd: Students solve a variety of puzzles to learn how to program our Dash robot to move, turn, look, and speak. These tasks require attention to detail, sequencing, and introduces the use of variables in code. In one of the challenges, the students code Dash to tell a knock-knock joke.

4th/5th: Students are learning how to connect, aim, and program our Sphero robots using block code. Their first challenge is to code the Sphero to make a rectangle which requires students to use 3 variables in their program (heading, time, speed). Once they have completed the rectangle challenge, students are creating a small obstacle course and programming Sphero to move through the course.

In mid-December, we will switch gears from robotics and coding and spend a lesson exploring global connections that exist in children's literature. Students in grades K-2 will also vote for their favorite Star of the North award nominee, which we read in media and with classroom teachers. Students in grades 3-5 should continue reading the Maud Hart Lovelace books; we will vote in March. They need to read 3 or more books from the 21-22 MHL nominees to vote.

Natalie Weatherman

Media Specialist

Jackson and Sun Path Elementary Schools

Shakopee, MN


Happy New Year!

We wish all of our Jackson families happiness and health for the upcoming year!

As always please contact us at jacksonpto28@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns and thanks again for your awesome support to Jackson!!!!

As always thank you for supporting our Jackson Community!

Kjersta Hoffman

PTO President

Shakopee Community Education Advisory Council Member Opportunity

Shakopee Community Education Advisory Council Members Needed:

Shakopee Community Education, a department of Shakopee Public Schools, offers lifelong learning opportunities in a supportive environment, bringing education forward to our community. Shakopee Community Education is seeking volunteers to be part of the advisory council team. This is an opportunity for you! The council does the following:

  • Help identify and assess needs and interests of the community
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to community education staff
  • Engage in community conversations
  • Assist with identifying or implementing initiatives
  • Represent the needs of the community where you live or work

We need you! Get involved, apply now at www.shakopee.k12.mn.us , click on Community Education, or email Lisa Rahn at lrahn@shakopee.k12.mn.us.

Lisa Rahn