The War of 1812

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Leading up to war...

Great Britain and France at war. Both countries don't want America to trade with the other country. Great Britain closed off France's ports. Great Britain also captured american ships and there sailors. Americans started to believe that the British were supplying weapons to American Indians.

War with Great Britain begins

James Madison became president in 1809. He did not want war but later let the War Hawks get wait they wanted. The War Hawks was a group that wanted war. Congress then declared war on the British.

The war at Sea

United States decides to invade Canada but didn't secede. But did make a Warship USS Constitution that defeated a British Warship the ship and the ship was nicknamed the ship "Old Ironsides."

Battles on land

In 1814 British attacked the White House in Washington, DC. Later they bombed Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner when he was held captive on a British Ship watching Fort McHenry being bombed.

Fighting for new Orleans

At the end of 1814 no one was winning so the United states and the British signed a Peace Treaty Called the Treaty of Ghent. It did not pass to over the ocean very fast so the British attacked New Orleans. More British were killed then Americans. By a lot.

The Return of Peace

After the war between France and Great Britain and the Treaty of Ghent war stopped. The United States won the Northwest Territory. After the war Americans felt more confident in themselves. They called the war the Second war of Independents.