Capital: Tegurigalpa

4 major cities

Yoro, El progreso ,Atlantida, and Laceiba were the 4 major cities hondoraus and Yoro is know for special events like a contest like fishing contest.

Was it controlled by another country?

Yes and the country that controlled it was Spain, and they had many wars and they finally gained their independence after wars after wars after war.

Did it gain its independence?

Yes Honduras gained its independence in September 15 1821 after hard battles against Spain hondoraus finally gained its independence and Spain was not happy about it.

Is Hondarus still controlled by another country today?

No and Hondoraus official language which was Spanish because Spain controlled them for so long that Spain taught Spanish language .

Describe the flag

Blue and white stripes with blue stars was the most important flag in Hondarus because it represented that Hondarus freedom from Spain and showed how strong they were.

Where is Hondarus ?

Hondarus is located Central America and south of Nicaragua and north of Belize

Physical features of Hondarus

A total area of 112.090 sq km

Hondarus type of government and leader

Hondarus has a democratic government and their leader is Juan Orlando Hernandez

Economic info currency and economic system

Hondarus currency is lempira and their system is social because they have different trade routes to different countries to trade with them

Tourist info why should people visit and what should tourist see and do there

It units the cuisine of hondoraus diverse people,to explore and see wildlife and acient history