This Week in Our Schools


January 3-11, 2019

This Week in Our Schools allows parents and the community to take a peek inside our classrooms each week. Scroll down to see our students in action as they learn and grow as a Muskie! (*select an image to enlarge it)

Featured this week:

  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Weeks' 5th Grade Class; Mrs. Calderon and Mrs. Weeks' EL Classes; Mrs. Polukonda’s Kindergarten Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Schlawin and PK/Begindergarten Students.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Get Up and Dance Celebration!
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Foglesong's 2nd Grade Class; New SmartBoards; Mrs. Poppe's 5th Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Perfect Attendance Fun; Mrs. Meyer's Lunchroom Serenade; Mrs. Phelps' Yoga Leadership Club; Mr. Randleman's P.E. Class.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Hyink's 7th Grade Phys Ed Students.
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Paulus/Walsh and Paulus/Dickens Biology Classes; 1st Semester EL Academic Scholar Movie Theatre Celebration; Mrs. Edkin's Cardio Movements and Personal Fitness classes; MHS Ag Department News.
  • Muskie Sports: Muskie Apparel Store Adds New Items in Support of MHS Athletics.
  • District Staff: 7 Habits Training; January's Outstanding Employees; Catherine Miller Explorer Award Recipients.

----------FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY----------

Mrs. Weeks' 5th Grade Class

Fifth graders in Mrs. Weeks' class at Franklin are learning about solubility as well as insulators and conductors.

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Mrs. Calderon and Ms. Meyers' EL Classes

Mrs. Calderon and Ms. Meyers received a donation of adjustable seating for the students to use in the EL classroom. The EL students have been able to choose the wobble cushions while working on class work.
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Mrs. Polukonda’s Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Polukonda’s Franklin kindergarteners working on re-telling and ordering numbers skills!

----------GRANT ELEMENTARY----------

Mrs. Schlawin and Grant's PK and Begindergarten Students

Mrs. Schlawin, Teacher Librarian, worked with our Grant preschool students in Mrs. Hull's class and begindergarten students in Mrs. Brewer's class on using chopsticks after reading stories about chopsticks and spoons!

----------JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY----------

Get Up and Dance Celebration!

On Wednesday, almost every student was at school so we celebrated! A song was played throughout the school and students and staff got up and danced!

----------MADISON ELEMENTARY----------

Mrs. Foglesong's 2nd Grade Class

Madison 2nd graders in Mrs. Foglesong's class experienced fun and learning through hands-on activities at the Putnam last week.

New SmartBoards for Kdg and 5th Grade

Students (and teachers) are enjoying doing lessons utilizing their new SmartBoards. SmartBoards allow for students to interact digitally with lessons in all subject and grade levels.

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Mrs. Poppe's 5th Grade Class.

Mrs. Poppe’s 5th graders worked together to create a sequence of events and determine the main idea of their anchor text this week. They also (along with Madison staff) wore their Hawkeye gear to help wish Hayden a Happy Birthday!

----------MCKINLEY ELEMENTARY----------

Perfect Attendance Fun

Those students who received perfect attendance for the month of December got to enjoy some "snowball" fun for their efforts at getting to school "On Time, All Day, Every Day!" Great job McKinley Muskies!

Mrs. Meyer's Lunchroom Serenade

What's better than school lunch? School lunch PLUS a serenade by Mrs. Meyer's and 4th grade students along with some cool dance moves by McKinley counselor Mrs. White and volunteer Mr. McDonald!

Yoga Leadership Club

McKinley 4th and 5th Grade Students have started a Yoga Leadership Club with yoga instructor Allison Phelps. Namaste, students!

Mr. Randleman's P.E. Class

Students in Mr. Randleman's physical education classes get to experience more ways to stay in shape than what we would expect to take place in the classroom. This week they got to experience DrumFit where exercise is paired with rhythm. What fun!

----------WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL----------

7th Grade CPR Training

Over 100 7th grade students became CPR certified during PE class from the Monsanto Safety Team this week at West!
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----------MUSCATINE HIGH SCHOOL----------

Ms. Paulus/Walsh and Paulus/Dicken's Biology Classes

The team-taught Biology sections at MHS (Walsh/Paulus and Dicken/Paulus) had the opportunity to see and feel a dissected deer heart and a set of lungs. They loved it!
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1st Semester EL Academic Scholar Movie Theatre Celebration

This Tuesday 67 EL Muscatine High School students earned a great opportunity to visit Palms Theatre that was sponsored by United Way. Special thanks to Nichole Sorgenfrey with United Way and Travis at the Palms for making the day enjoyable. Students were joined by their EL teachers and Paraeducators who organized this trip to get a wonderful chance for students to take a break from the classroom lecture and to have some fun and excitement in an entirely new environment while learning at the same time.

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Mrs. Edkin's Cardio Movements & Personal Fitness Classes

The cardio equipment arrived & was installed in the fitness room at MHS this week! MHS PE students enrolled in Cardio Movements & Personal Fitness got to work out using the new equipment today. Students are working hard to increase their cardio respiratory fitness by exercising in their target heart rate ranges while using the equipment.

MHS Ag Department News

Students are working to practice career development events for FFA conduct of meetings. Students are using parliamentary procedures to complete opening ceremonies, complete two motions, and then complete closing ceremonies.

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Agriculture students are working on their sheep production units. The lab today students were discussing reasons for sheering, the rate of gain, feed efficiency, and handling of ewe's and their lambs. Students also looked at the characteristics of meat vs. wool breeds of sheep.

----------MUSKIE SPORTS----------

Help Support Muskie Sports

The Muskie Apparel Store has added new items to help support Muskie athletics. A portion of the sales from any shirt/sweatshirt with the Athletic Department logo will go to the MHS Athletic Department! Go to: Muskie Apparel to shop!

----------DISTRICT STAFF----------

McKinley, Mulberry, and CMS Staff

On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, teachers from McKinley, Mulberry, and Central participated in an all-day training on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This is their 2nd day of training in the 7 Habits this school year.

Congratulations to January's Outstanding Employees!

Each month the district recognizes five individuals who go above and beyond on a continual basis for students, staff, and/or parents. This month's outstanding employees are:

Three MCSD Teachers Awarded Catherine Miller Explorer Award!

This week, three MCSD teachers found out that they were each a recipient of the Catherine Miller Explorer Award sponsored by the Stanley Foundation. Congratulations to Kayla Bentz, 2nd grade teacher at Grant Elementary, Laura McDonald, 5th grade teacher at Mulberry Elementary and Allison Coffman, MHS science teacher on receiving the award! We look forward to hearing about your adventures abroad! Thank you to the Stanley Foundation for providing these educational experiences for local educators!