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You have heard of the willis tower right? At the top floor you can see all the way to Michagan! It is 1,454 feet tall! It has 110 stories! Not a place for you if you are afraid of heights. There is also a open pit iron mine that is 500 feet deep,5 miles long and 1 mile wide. It is one of the largest iron mines in the world!

Landforms and waterways

Have you heard of the sleeping bear dunes? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway they got their name because they were formed in the shape of a sleeping bear. Of course you have heard of Lake Michagan. Right? It is one of the biggest lakes. Do not forget about Mt.Sunflower Harney Peak, and the Ozark Plateau. The Mississippi river starts in the Midwest region. It starts in Minnesota. The Missouri River joins it in Missouri but does not start in the Midwest. The great and central plains are important to.

Natural Resourses and Products

A big natural resourse in the midwest is limestone. The midwest has a lot of of cheese in Wisconsin. The midwest has so much dairy because of all the cows. The midwest makes a lot of popcorn cause of the corn and butter. There is also meat and wheat.


There is mild summers and bitterly cold winter. There is a 100 degrees farinheit difference between summer and winter. Snow can be 36 inches but with the lake effect it can be 70 inches in M.N. In this region droughts and floods are commen.

Landmarks and National Parks

It is a statue of four of our important presidents. George Washington,Aberaham Lincoln,

Thomas Jefferson,and Theodore Roosevelt. The head of George Washington is 60 ft. high. Our next landmark is the mall of america. It has more than 520 stores, 50 dining options, and it's 4.2 million square ft. Our last place is the badlands it got its name because they were so hard to cross

States and Capitals

Capital of Illinois is Springfield. Capital of Indiana is Indianapolis. Capital of Iowa is Des Moines. Capital of Kansas is Topeka. Capital of Michagan is Lansing. Capital of Minnesota is St. Paul. Capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. Capital of Nebraska is Lincoln. Capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. Capital of Ohio is Columbus. Capital of South Dakota is Pierre and capital of Wisconsin is Madison.

Fun Facts

Culture They like to snowshoe,ski, and snowmobile.

What would happen if you moved there from the Northeast You would be able to drive faster because all the houses would be far apart. You would also have warmer clothes for the winter

What they do with the natural resourses With the limestone they get they can build really tall buildings

Why we care about the landmarks We care about the landmarks because we honer them. Like Mt. Rushmore it honors four important presidents.

Important Boundaries Minnesota, North Dakota, and Michigan all border another country Canada!


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