Tumblr Women

Negative Gender Representation on the Internet


In order to be considered beautiful, women are expected to fit into a certain body type with many distinct characteristics. Girls are supposed to have a perfect smile, long flowing hair, a big chest, a tiny waist, a thigh gap, a large booty, small thighs, and long legs. This description alone is impossible to achieve. But, none the less these are the expectations women are supposed to fill. Tumblr searches reveal the expectations women face by the internet. Pictures below include models who fit the image of what women are supposed to look like. They all share many of the characteristics listed above.

Media Smarts Article Quote:

"As with virtual worlds, there is a strong pressure to make those photos (particularly profile photos, which are visible to all the other users one interacts with and are fully public on the Web) look as attractive as possible – in this case, through the use of flattering camera angles and image-manipulation software such as Photoshop."