welcome to the dark side.

The Super Earth.

Welcome to Pavano, where the mass of our planet is 7x the mass of earth! Our diameter is 2,551.24km and about two times larger than earth. (Huge, I know) Here the climate is unpredictable, so all types of clothes should be on hand. You could wake up and have a snow day while yesterday it was dying hot. Exciting, I think. the days here are about 4 hours so lots of sleeping days would be great, am I right? The years here are also shortened, being only 67 earth days or about .18 of an earth year. If I was native to this planet, I would be about 78 years old. Aaand wiegh about 17,248N. I know, I know. I should probably look worse at this age! The force of gravity here is 2x as strong as it is on earth. Which means no floating, sorry guys! We are exactly 20 light years away from earth and it takes 200 earth years to arrive on this surface. It may seem like a while but it is sooo worth it! My age on arrival would be 2,800 earth years old. Now, here is the coolest thing about Pavano. Since we are about 33 million km away from our dwarf star, half of our planet is completely dark while the other is shining bright. Better bring your sunglasses, guys! The atmosphere here is made with a lot of carbon dioxide so masks would be suggested to be worn. I hope you guys enjoy your colinization here on Pavano because it is most deffinitley worth it. I'll see ya here!
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