What I Love

by Abbey Reuter

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Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives

I love surreal places, places that look like they do not belong in this world, that is why I picked this picture. I find the image visually interesting, it looks as though the water is full of stars.

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George Peabody Library

Libraries are amazing places, there is so much information available for anyone to enjoy. This is why I picked it, I have loved libraries. This image is interesting to me because it is a picture of a huge and grand library, a place where books are held to great esteem.

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Sipping Chocolate

I love Hot Chocolate and I really want to travel to Europe. I have always wanted to drink sipping chocolate in a cafe in Europe. This image reminds me of that wish. I also like the contrast between blue and chocolate brown, it is visually striking.
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I visited parts of Europe over the summer o a cruise, but my favorite spot was Barcelona, Spain. It was full of culture, life, youth, and glamour. It was everything I had dreamed about of Europe. I plan to spend a year abroad before college and I hope to spend time in Barcelona. That is why I picked this image; the way this picture was taken interested me.

Job Opportunities

-travel agent

-pilot/ flight attendant

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Florence + the Machine

My favorite album, I love every song on it. That is why I picked it. This image is interesting because I just like it, it appeals to me.
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Scathach, Legendary Warrior

This represents my love of mythology. I also really like this particular image (it is my home screen wallpaper on my phone). I picked this image because I like it and because it symbolizes many of the books I love to read- a lone female warrior facing down an opponent. It is interesting because of the color choices and how the powerful message comes across.

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Music On My Mind

I picked this image because I think it represents my love of music, I always have song lyrics stuck in my head and I love to sing along. I find it interesting because it looks like the music is coming out of her hair or her head.

Job Opportunities:


-talent agent; record label owner

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I love writing: stories, poems, anything creative. That is why I picked this image, it shows the typical story beginning for nonfiction stories. I find the old-timey look of the typewriter beautiful.

Job Opportunities:

-editor for books at a company, or editor-in-chief for a published work (ex. Huffington Post)


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I love shopping, going through tons of items until you find the perfect one. I find this particular image interesting because I like the clean cut look of it, the splashes of color.
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I love my friends and I wanted to represent them. We always have so much fun and make so many memories. I found this image adorable and I picked it to represent my friends and me.
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My Cat

This isn't actually my cat, Athena, but it looks so much like her! That is why I picked it and why I find it interesting. I love my cat, she is so much like me, in personality and I am sure that if I was a cat I would look like her.
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I have a love/hate relationship with running. Sometimes I love it, others I despise it. I decided to include it because I do love the feeling of finishing a race or a run, it is a fantastic feeling.

This image leaped out at me. I love the way the sky is reflected on the ground.